Help to fulfill the prophetic word spoken over us!

PicMonkey Collage (2)

In February Shawn Bolz prophesied over Jeff and I that God was going to use “crowd funding” to fund projects that He has for us to fulfill. Book projects were a part of that prophesy. Kathi has just finished writing her first book in a series called, “30-Days to Breakthrough”. This book focuses on Breakthrough into Peace. We want to get this to our readers as soon as it can be published. This fund will help with that process and project.

God has also called us to go on two international ministry assignments to both Canada and Germany in the next few months. These projects need immediate funding as well.

This is where you come in! You can pray and sow into the word of the Lord over us. The Bible says that if you receive a prophet that you will receive a prophets reward. We seek to be vessels of His voice of encouragement each day. Thank you for giving and we trust that in your giving you will receive a great reward!

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