It is Your Resurrection Time


Kathi Pelton

I woke up this morning with the strongest sense of God’s resurrection power coming upon His sons and daughters in order to resurrect His gifts and callings upon their lives. The enemy has gone to steal, kill and destroy the very heart of God’s children. These are the things that make them feel alive, their passions, their gifting, talents and even their very callings.

It has been as though many of His children feel like Joseph, thrown into a pit (or grave) to die without their dreams being fulfilled. But do not be dismayed; I see angels going to remove the stone from that grave and open the door of prison cells. He is resurrecting what you thought was lost forever. Your coat of many colors is being returned to you. which will allow you to walk in favor with both God and man. Humility is the key to walking with this coat and remaining in favor.

God is asking each one of us to silence our lips and repent for every word that we’ve ever spoken against our brother, sister, husband or wife. It is vital now to come into agreement in both word and action with God’s thoughts and plans for His people. Let us, even now, come out of agreement with the enemies accusations and into agreement with God’s plans and purposes. Let’s do this not only for those in Christ but for those yet to be in Christ!

This is how we are to combat the political spirit that has unleashed all sorts of judgements and accusations against men and women. There has been a great “character assassination” unleashed during this election year and we must be careful as God’s people to release character affirmation to stop this spirit from entering the Church. We will not agree or enter into character assassination against God’s elect.

This will be our part in partnering with God to resurrect His children. A great sound is being released even this day that is the sound of stones being rolled away and prison doors swinging open. Let us create a spiritual atmosphere of joy and acceptance (and agreement with God’s plans) as these individuals come forth.

Today is the day to turn the tide, to turn the table of judgement (accusation) into the banqueting table of love. It’s time to go against the grain of a society that points the finger of accusation and assassination and instead extend the hand of acceptance and life.

This is the day that the Lord has made…REJOICE! Resurrection is upon His house!

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