The Overcomers


By Kathi Pelton

I had a powerful revelation yesterday regarding Revelation 12:11,

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…

I was sitting in a car waiting for one of my kids and that verse kept rolling again and again through my mind. Yesterday was one of those days that a lot was on my mind that was requiring some definite “overcoming” tactics.

As I pondered this verse the second half kept being highlighted to me,

“…and the word of their testimonies”

Finally, I asked Holy Spirit what He was wanting to say.
He responded by asking me a question,

“Do you believe that I will give you a testimony for all the things on your mind today?”

I answered, “Of course! I have a good, good Father!”

Then the Spirit of the Lord said, “If faith is the evidence of things unseen then why don’t you begin to speak your unseen testimony even now in faith? Now prophesy your testimony!”

Then I remembered the latter part of Revelations 19:10 which says,

For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Of course! We can overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony even before we see our testimony manifest before our eyes. We know God’s Word and we know His promises; therefore we can prophesy our upcoming testimony with both authority and assurance.

In that moment I began to speak out before Heaven and Earth, before the Angels and Demons, my testimony of faith! Even as I began to speak out this unseen testimony I could feel the spirit of overcoming rest upon me and strengthen me in my inner-man.

This was a wonderful revelation that transported me from a place of need to the place of victory and from a place of beginning to fret to a place of answered prayer.

I have been given the right and authority through the blood of the Lamb to testify my answered prayer even before I see it with my natural eyes. I can overcome by faith because His promises are true!

So even now I testify that God has done great things for me this week!! He has provided all that I lacked and healed all of my pain! He has revealed His faithfulness in every area of my life and in my family! He has answered my requests even before I asked. He has done exceedingly more than I could ever ask or imagine and I testify that THE LORD HAS DONE GREAT THINGS FOR US AND WE ARE GLAD!



Due to our January 3rd car accident in which Kathi received multiple injuries; our travel schedule has had to be cut numerous times. It appears now that she may have to have surgery on both of her shoulder injuries and the doctors have now ordered an MRI to see if she has a herniated disk in her lower back from the accident injuries. We receive all of our financial support through our speaking engagements, writing and ministry. We are in need at this time for monthly partners as well as one time gifts to get us through this time of healing for her. We also need your prayers for wisdom, grace and healing. If you would like to give to our ministry please go to our website and the donate button is on the homepage. Thank you for being His hands and feet during this time of need.

2 thoughts on “The Overcomers

  1. Just as you spoke, confirm your healing by thanking the Lord, and prophecy it into this physical realm. You don’t need the surgery the Lord is your healer. The more you look at the problem the more you loose faith. Get your eyes off the physical realm and believe!


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