You Are Not Late! You Are On Time


The one thing that I’ve discovered in all of my years while walking with God is that His timing and my timing often do not match up. It’s no different than His ways are not my ways and His wisdom does not seem wise in our human understanding.

As I sat down on this Monday morning to listen to the Spirit of the Lord, I almost immediately heard the words,

“Tell My people that they are not late but they are right in My timing.”

Then I saw a vision of people at an old fashion train station who were wearing travel clothes and carried travel bags. Their clothes looked like the clothing of those from the early 1900’s. They were waiting at this train station for what seemed like a very long time and kept checking their pocket watches to check the time. As they waited someone with dark clothing came up behind each of them and whispered in their ear that they were late and had missed the train. As they heard these words grief and disappointment came over their faces. I saw many look again at their watches and shake their heads in dismay. Then they sat down not knowing where to go or what to do. They could not go back but did not know how to go forward. They felt hopeless because they believed that they had been late and missed the train.

But God….

He has a different report! God says that you are not late but right on time. You have not left everything behind in vain and you have not missed your long awaited train.

Then I saw a second vision that was a continuation of the first. In this second vision I saw angels that came to minister truth and hope to those who had been waiting. They whispered truth into the ears of each one at this train station. As they did this the person stood to their feet and a refreshing came upon them and a look of anticipation came over their faces. Then I saw each person receive a new modern travel bag that had everything they need for the journey ahead. These travel cases were the new light weight swivel cases that are so easy to travel with. Then each one was given fresh new travel clothes that were both modern, stylish and yet so comfortable. I looked again and even the old fashion train station had been transformed into a modern type station. I somehow knew that a bullet (speed) train would soon arrive that would get them quickly to their destination. Then I saw a man check what appeared to be an Apple watch on his wrist and he smiled with a relaxed smile and I knew that he knew that he was on time. It was like he had not been waiting at all but had just arrived.

This vision was very interesting to me because yesterday during our church service we brought up a group of people that were being “sent out”. It was three generations; one couple was in their 60’s, one couple in their 30’s and then a 21 year old. As they came up and stood before us we all began to hear a loud countdown that was coming from the children’s church. These young ones were shouting out a countdown, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….although I do not know why they were doing a countdown it hit my spirit that there was about to be a “blast off” for many sent ones. I felt like a rocket or bullet was about to blast off. The young kids were counting down as three generations were being sent out.

I believe it is a picture of this bullet train about to arrive. You are not late. The children know it and are counting down for the arrival of what you have waited for. Everything you need has been provided, truth has broken every lie, you have been clothed with His garments and all the old has been replaced with the new.

Get ready…the countdown of your trains arrival has begun.

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2 thoughts on “You Are Not Late! You Are On Time

  1. Thank you. I had literally just sat down and was praising God for everything up to this point in my life. But deep inside my heart there was a lingering shadowing thought of “you’re too old now, maybe you’ve missed it”. Even as it made my coffee this morning there was that same thought lingering over me. I opened up my email and read this. Everything you wrote is so accurate and encouraging I can’t thank you enough for hearing straight from the throne. Not only that but using the analogy of the Apple watch was really anointed and feel that in the spirit it was extremely Timely! Also you mention the bullet train…I know that for years they’ve been trying to build that between northern and southern California and I’m still wondering what will happen with that… I just moved up north and I have a sister who just left here who went back down south too yesterday and I know she’s hurting and wondering if she’ll ever be here and if so how that will work. I think just the analogy was super prophetic. Thank you again, I appreciate the timing and the accuracy and the wording of your ministry this morning through this prophetic word. May the Lord bless you immensely.


    • Thank you Victoria for writing. I am so glad that this vision was a blessing to you. I try not to leave out any details because I find that the Lord puts the details in the visions for a specific purpose or for a specific person. I lived for most of my life in Nor Cal and heard about the bullet train plan and hoped very much that it would one day happen and still do. I hope we do not have to wait for that! Anyway, I’m so glad that this was a blessing and I believe that you truly are not too old.

      May your train arrive shortly…you are right on time!



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