Hold On To Your Faith

By Kathi Pelton

What makes us righteous? The Book of Romans makes reference to our faith in Jesus being the single thing that makes us righteous throughout it. In ourselves, not one is righteous, but through faith in Jesus we have been made righteous.

It is no wonder that there is such an attack against God’s people’s faith. If the enemy can get us to abandon our faith and trade it for unbelief, causing us to live in accusation against God’s faithfulness, then he has succeeded in destroying the very thing that calls us, “Believers.”

I felt a deep stirring for all of those who have had their faith attacked to the point of struggling with unbelief and believing that God has failed them. As I prayed for them I cried out to each one saying, “Hold fast to your faith above all else!” This is your our precious possession! Faith is our secure posture— for the Word says that those who put their trust (faith) in the Lord will never be put to shame…and never disappointed. The world and life may bring disappointments but his love will never leave you in lack.

At the end of my life— I want my faith to be the confident assurance that I enter eternity with. There is is no disappointment on this earth that will compare to the glorious riches we will receive when we stand face to face before him.

If your faith has been attacked— take it back before the end of 2021! Begin the New Year with your faith fully intact. It does not have to be feeling— but a declaration and decision that becomes your unmovable posture. No matter what happens— good or bad, joy or pain— hold fast to your faith!!

Take a moment today to pray for those who are wavering and questioning their faith. Unanswered prayers, losses, disappointments are hard and can wear down even the strongest— but we must hold onto our faith as our most precious treasure! Let no one and nothing rob you of your faith in Jesus!

My heart and prayers are with you to be strengthened in your faith and in your love. I pray that in every place that 2021 has brought you pain and confusion that you will be comforted; receiving grace and healing. He loves you and nothing can take that from you.


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