Oceans in the Desert is a blog that is dedicated to encouraging the body of Christ to live and move according to the Spirit of the Lord. We walk by faith and not by sight and therefore; what we see with our human eyes should not determine how we navigate our path through this life. Jesus is our compass and His Spirit is our guide. We are to love with the love that we have been shown, we are to encourage others with the encouragement that has been shown to us and we are to show grace to one another with the grace that the Father has given to us. I pray that this blog helps to encourage you to live a life that is full of grace, courage and fearless faith.

Kathi Pelton

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  1. Jeff and Kathi, I love the title of this blog! I think you’ve got something really inspiring here. The Lord has great things in store for ya’ll! Lots of love and prayers.

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    • Vincy~ Jeff and I LOVE your blog too! You inspire us and we are ready to get in a plane and fly to India just to give you a hug! Or, we can fly you to California 🙂 Love and prayers to you too!


      • How sweet, Kathi! Really. Thank you doesn’t quite do justice here! Jeffrey and you have been so encouraging and supportive, that I’m humbled. And speechless, most times 😉 Haha! If ya’ll can do that, it would be fabulous! We’d love to host you ❤ Or, the other way's good too! Love xoxo


  2. I humbly request that you and your ministry pray in the Spirit for me Brian Carlo and for my mother Rafaela Carlo.Thank you and GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU


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