Finding Beauty


Psalm 27:4

One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek, inquire for, and [insistently] require: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord [in His presence] all the days of my life, to behold and gaze upon the beauty [the sweet attractiveness and the delightful loveliness] of the Lord and to meditate, consider, and inquire in His temple. (Amplified Bible)


Some days just seem dreary!  Those days are usually filled with too much busyness that blind me from taking in all the beauty around me.   I find it important to take time each day to remember to behold beauty.  Even if it’s only for five minute!  Just like any amount of light dispels darkness; any amount of beauty dispels dreariness.


We were not created to view life through black and white lenses but in vivid, living color.  Though I live in California, where we have color throughout the seasons of the year, I am aware that many of my friends live in regions that spend months of the year with their land covered in white.  I often read their posts on Facebook saying how they would give anything to see the color green. We need color and beauty each day of our lives.


Where is the beauty of the Lord to be found?  It is in His presence!  Worship is often my gateway to His presence and it is difficult not to be refreshed in the place that escorts me into green pastures and still waters.  But, on the days that are too busy to even find a few moments alone to worship; I find His beauty in other ways.  Sometimes I just stop and look into the eyes of one of my kids and I immediately I behold beauty .  Their eyes tell me stories and hold such precious memories.  One of my kids can walk through our front door and merely say, “Hi Mom” and that smile will fill the room and my heart with so much beauty. Or, my husband can walk by me and brush up against me and his love will momentarily bring beauty back into my gaze.  And then there is our little grandson, James…his smile (and those dimples) just usher in both beauty and innocence that takes my breath away.


Every day should have moments of beauty that are acknowledged and appreciated.  I purposefully look for beauty each day.  If I can’t find beauty on Earth on a particular day then I look to Heaven.  There have been many reasons in my life over the past couple of years to only see “ashes” (grey) but I know that my life is not to be dictated by the ashes but instead by the beauty that comes forth from the ashes for those who love God.


Look for beauty!  See beauty in the spirit even before you see it in the natural.  When one of my kids (who are all young adults now) are going through a difficult time or a time where they are feeling a bit lost, I begin to envision them as they will be when they come out of their wilderness time.  I go to the place of faith and align myself with God and call them forward into their manifest beauty.  I refuse to see ashes as anything but fertile soil for new life and new beauty to be birthed from.


I challenge you today…FIND BEAUTY!  If all you see is ashes then look with the eyes of your spirit at the ash heap and God will show you the beauty that He intends to bring forth from that very place.  Have a beauty-filled day!

5 thoughts on “Finding Beauty

  1. I challenge you today…FIND BEAUTY! If all you see is ashes then look with the eyes of your spirit at the ash heap and God will show you the beauty that He intends to bring forth from that very place. Have a beauty-filled day!

    Thank you for this comment..I recently had a dream where the favorite place I plant, ( my heart) had ashes all over it, and other ppl were placing their own plants on it…(using me)

    Then I awoke, I immediately thought it was because my husband was there..he smokes and ashes are always all over where he’s smoking. but, now I see something different..outside my natural circumstances…God is changing that, and now I’ll have *Beauty for the ashes*

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  2. Maybe that’s why I’m finding such joy in my miniature rose bush given by my sweet husband on Valentine’s Day, and my shamrock plant sending forth growth after its very near death 🙂 Very good word on the children, as well. I have a daughter who will be receiving that from me as of now. Thanks Kathi! Love you guys.


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