Clear Vision Ahead…Go Forward!


~A Quick Word~

Now is the time to leave every posture of doubt and fear of failure. In Christ you have everything that you need! His promise is true and He is the strength that is made manifest in your weakness. This is a season of turn around and new beginnings. You can be who He created you to be, you can get your clear vision once again (or maybe for the first time), you can receive from Heaven all that you need to leap forward into the “more than you can ask or imagine” time of your life.

Leave behind all the weight and baggage of the past seasons. Accept His invitation to “Come up here” and He will heal you from all the trauma and failure that you have experienced. He is waiting with open arms to receive you, restore you and heal you. There is a significant place for you within His plans during this next leg of the journey. You have not been forgotten. There is an opening for you to enter in at this point in time. He longs for you to take your place in this great adventure where His glory will come and birth miracles throughout the world. Bring every weight and burden before your God and set it at His feet. He will carry them so that you can run the race set before you with joy and not fear.

Now is the time!

6 thoughts on “Clear Vision Ahead…Go Forward!

  1. Awesome word this morning 🙂 The Lord has closed the door to my past, this morning i had a dream of 3 snakes that were “hidden” in my house. 1, came out from hiding and i opened “the door” and it went out on it’s own, 2, it was hidden under a floor board..almost’s carcass was just laying there, 3, it came out from under a table..”showed it’s “self” and I took authority over it and crushed it under my feet in Jesus name! We have had three issues that have been in prayer for quite some time, this morning we had victory over the bigger of the three. Praise God for defeating our enemy!!!

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  2. Amen…I had a dream recently that spoke of leaving the old behind…the old strength was being shed in order to allow His strength to be made manifest. I then went out with such a light load 🙂


  3. This such a now Word for me! I recieve and pray that it will be so! The lord has stripped away everything that was holding me back. Now I can serve and love Him the way He intends. Please pray with me for provision and to be cometely set apart for Him. Thank you for hearing the Holy Spirit and ministering His word!
    Steven Wikoff
    Dallas, TX


    • We are standing with you Steven! We agree in prayer that all that the Lord has for you and created you for will be accomplished and that Heaven’s resources will release Earthly resource for you.

      Many Blessings~ Jeff and Kathi


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