Your Captivity is Coming to an End!


~ A Quick Word ~

This year many hindrances and obstacles will be removed so that you can enter your promise and move into desires fulfilled.

It will be like a SUDDEN release from captivity and from your personal prison.

Acts 12 talks about when the angel of the Lord came and set Peter free from his jail cell. Peter thought that he was having a vision but quickly realized when the angel departed that he had just been set free.

Many angels are working on our behalf at this time. They are coming to set us free from our captivity and that which has bound us and kept us from moving forward.

2015 will be a time to move forward and be sent with clear vision and new strength.

5 thoughts on “Your Captivity is Coming to an End!

    • So good to hear from you Randy! And I am so glad that you feel renewed hope. I will be praying for every obstacle to be removed as we shout “Grace, grace to the mountain…” and then watch it become a molehill! Blessings and love to you!


  1. Just what I was praying about today – that Jesus breaks off and burns away every captivity and bondage keeping me down & in satans power. Blessings endlessly from Germany looking forward to new freedom & purity, free from false accusations & demonic chains and prisons. Praise the Lord♥♥♥


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