~ A Quick Word ~


God is inviting you to rise up and put all negative circumstances under your feet (as they are under His feet). Rise up to where He is seated and declare with Him your victory, your breakthrough and your freedom. Declare both your victory and the victory for His people who are in need in this hour. The King of Kings is inviting you to “COME UP HERE!”

I feel the waves of intercession coming forth from the Throne of the Lamb. I hear the sounds of His thunder coming to break open all that you need. The IMPOSSIBLE is possible with God. Impossible circumstances are about to be rendered possible. He is releasing His power that breaks the heavy yoke! Even now as you read this!

Tell your soul to align with what the Spirit is doing. And NOW it shall spring forth…your suddenly, your turn around, your break through. Rise up now. Now is the time for your deliverance!


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