Praying for You

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Praying For You

Dear Ocean in the Desert Followers,

Each day we the time to pray for those who have sowed into the work and ministry that the Lord has called us to do. This has become such a blessing to do for all of you who have sowed into us. Today I had to get out new rocks that I gathered recently on a trip to the ocean so that we have enough to add new names to. We know that many have sown out of their own need (their own desert) so we felt that it is appropriate to put your names on rocks that were found in the ocean as a prophetic act that your deserts are about to saturated with provision.

Last month we had one of our supporters come and visit us in our home. This was such a pleasure for us to finally meet this couple face to face. When we asked them why they decided to support us they said, “How can we not sow into the words the Lord has given us through you?” Wow, what a beautiful heart and statement. They so honored the voice of the Lord in their lives that they felt to honor the vessel that He used. We learned a deeper truth that day and now will do the same.

We want each of you to know that we too honor you and your generous gifts. We honor you by putting your names on a rocks that we pulled from the ocean and praying that the Lord would saturate you with His favor, blessings, wisdom, provision and love. We want your boundaries to be extended and your influence to grow with each passing day. Even now, we are experiencing the Lord extending our boundaries. This makes your seed so precious because you are sowing into what the Lord is doing.

We are happy to pray for all of you, not only those who have sown into us. Please feel free to send us your prayer requests so that we can agree with you and see Heaven invade your place here on Earth. We also take the time to pray over your letters and notes. Thank you for standing with us and please know that we are standing with you as well.

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With Love~

Jeff and Kathi Pelton

To Send Prayer Requests:

The Pelton Family

84999 Larson Road

Eugene, OR 97405 USA

To Send A Financial Gift:

Either send to the above address or to receive a tax receipt in the USA:

 Light Streams Ministries

P.O. Box 11274

Santa Rosa, CA 95406 USA
(enclose a separate note that says, Pelton Ministry Support)

One thought on “Praying for You

  1. Thank you Papa for the many ways You are at work in Kathi and Jeff’s lives. Let them feel Your good pleasure with them. Let them see Your mighty hand moving all obstacles out of the way. Let their steps be firm even when they don’t see the full scope of what is ahead but follow Your voice as You lead them to even MORE! Thank you Lord for the words You share through Kathi. Let them be multiplied and further anointed for Your Kingdom purposes! Bless Kathi and her family as they minister in Your Name….


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