Up, Up and Away


By Kathi Pelton


Sometimes we are too close to our own lives to see God’s perspective. We begin to see events and circumstances from an Earthly view rather than from a Kingdom view.

God is inviting you to come up to His Throne of Grace in order to gain a new and proper perspective about this time in your life. If the view that you are currently seeing doesn’t fit with the promises that He has spoken to you, then maybe you need to go higher and sit with Papa God so that He can share His wisdom with you.

As parents our perspective of every day events in our children’s lives often differ with their perspective. I remember my parents often remembering events quite different than I remembered them. What children view as withholding is often protection or just the wisdom of a mature adult. It is possible that what you are viewing as withholding is merely God’s wisdom and timing taking place in your life. Delays may be alignment to His timing, losses may be God making from for the addition of things needed for your new season and things seemingly blocking your way may be His protection from something that He can see but you cannot.

Today your Heavenly Father is inviting you to come up and see your life from His perspective. He is so happy to give you greater understanding and wisdom. This will help you to walk in the peace of His perspective.

Here is His promise to you;

“The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” Psalm 16:6

One response to “Up, Up and Away”

  1. Kathi..your words are God breathed. I love getting these emails sent to me, can’ believe it took me so long to do it! Over the years I have been so blessed by your writings. In 2001 I was a new Christian and went to a women’s conference up in Oregon..in Lakeview. It was life changing for me. The whole experience has stayed with me..and I have followed your writings on Elijah List and beyond. Thank you for walking this walk of Faith so graciously, and so genuinely. You and yiur husband and children have been through some tough spots over the years..and yiur share them with the community, and you find God’s perspective and will in each circumstance and you share it with each one of us. It’s always so encouraging and has always given me hope. I don’t know if you remember me at all..but I am married to a wonderful man for 31 years now. He is not yet a follower of Jesus..and I would sure appreciate prayers for him as God leads you. He is an airline pilot..wise and headstrong and was “raised Catholic”. He wants nothing to do with Jesus..but he sure adores me!! So that’s what I hold onto.
    Can you pray for me too? The “lines get fuzzy” for me when living for Jesus and living in this world when married to an unbeliever. I know I grieve the Holy Spirit at times..and wish to be stronger in this area..but also wish to honor my husband Marty as well. How does one do this with grace?? It seems I fail more often than I win.

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I know the Lord has Marty in His hands..he has shown me that over the years.

    Bless you and your family,
    In Christ,


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