Don’t Miss This Day

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By Kathi Pelton

Life is a journey but very often we are so focused on our destination or goals that we forget to embrace and enjoy the day. Living in His presence is something that we must do in the NOW. I tend to be a visionary and someone who is always thinking about what is coming and how to prepare for the days ahead. Since I am wired this way it is even more important for me to continually remind myself to stop and enjoy the here and now.

I was having lunch with a new friend this week and for two hours we thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and hearing each other’s stories of God’s faithfulness. We didn’t talk about the future but shared where we had been and how it brought us to that moment. It felt like God had pulled up a chair and was enjoying our time together. As much as we enjoy His presence, He enjoys our company and presence too.

Being a visionary is wonderful. But enjoy the now and the person that is in front of you. Enjoy the sunshine or the rain that is upon you today. Enjoy His love for you right now. May 14, 2015 will never come again. Make is beautiful, memorable and well spent. You may just become aware of the Lord pulling up a chair next to you to enjoy you as you enjoy the day He has given you.

Psalm 118:24

This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

One thought on “Don’t Miss This Day

  1. Your uplifting timely messages seem to always jive with what I am hearing as well. A friend years ago said, people know when I am with them “all I have is them, that moment…I dont have a wife, I dont have tomorrow, I dont have a worry, I have them and Jesus and THEY KNOW IT……..IAM IAM…….is NOW….so very powerful to begin to walk in this moment by moment…….so wonderful……


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