What Are We Doing? An Opportunity To Walk With Us

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Dear Family and Friends,

Recently people have asked us to update them on our vision and what we are presently doing. We are prayerfully sending out this update to keep you informed and offer opportunities to partner with us as God directs.

During May, 2014, the Lord clearly directed our family to move from northern California to Eugene, Oregon. At that time, we did not understand the reason for this move, but we have always found that when we obey God, whether we understand or not, He graciously positions us in the center of His will. Our time in Oregon has proven once again that His direction positions us for His purposes.

Our move was a move of faith. We had income saved to carry us through the time of transition, but once settled in our new location, God made it clear that we were to engage in full-time ministry as a couple. Within a couple of weeks, He connected us with a local church plant named Kairos Ministries.  Our hearts were quickly bonded to this group of people, and we were suddenly invited, along with three of our adult children, to take part in their leadership development team. Kairos Ministries is called to be a training and equipping center; a group of people committed to loving one another as family, dedicated to making disciples who are passionate about obeying the Great Commission.

Many of you are aware that we lived in Canada for a number of years. During our time there, we served as leaders of an international house of prayer, and were members of the core team of Watchmen for the Nations, a group of national leaders who facilitated prayer and worship gatherings throughout Canada for the sake of seeing God’s original intent for the nation come forth.  Since October, God has called us once again to be part of this core team, as they continue to serve not only Canada, but also the past few years have worked closely with church and ministry leaders in many nations throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East to do the same thing.

Then, several months ago, to our surprise and delight, the Holy Spirit revealed that it is now time to begin a similar journey in the United States. We have begun meeting with men and women who have sensed a stirring from the Lord to be part of a core team that will help facilitate all that He desires to do in the U.S through prayer, worship, declarations, unity and repentance. This August we will have a national gathering in Alberta where a group of U.S. leaders will gather to begin to walk together. We will be a part of this first U.S. meeting.

Besides our local and global ministries, we are speaking at conferences and churches to encourage God’s people and equip them to be effective in the days to come. This summer we will be teaching at a five week intensive training school in July and August in Lakeview, Oregon. We continue to write prophetic articles and stories, published through numerous online venues, which have impacted believers and non-believers as well. We are also both writing books, as we are keenly aware of the power of artistic expression to engage our prevailing culture with the reality and truth of God’s love. God has provided us with a wonderful publisher to work with.

Since our focus is on full-time ministry and building a national team, we feel the Holy Spirit saying that it is time for us to raise up a team of supporters for ministry as well as personal needs. Traveling to meet with people in many regions requires funds; and of course, we must maintain our home in Oregon. Will you ask God if you are to be a part of our financial support team? We take partnership seriously and will commit to praying for you, walking with you and sharing our lives with you as you support God’s dream through us. Relationship is one of our most important core values; we do not want to receive and not relate!

If you feel that you are to become a valued member of our support team, please contact us at jkpelton@sbcglobal.net or jeffrey@jeffreypelton.com . Our support team will have opportunities to be a part of our gatherings and journey in the days to come. Thank you so much. We pray God’s blessings upon you and your loved ones.

With Love,

Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton



You can send your gift directly to us in Eugene. If you would like to use a credit card, or set up automatic w/d monthly gifts, please contact us for our PayPal information.

Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton

84999 Larson Road

Eugene, Oregon 97405

If you would like a tax receipt in the USA, please send your donations to our California ministry address. Please attach a note stating “Pelton support” (Do NOT write in memo on check)

Light Streams Ministries

P.O. Box 11274

Santa Rosa, California 95406

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