A Fresh Baptism in Fire is Coming

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By Kathi Pelton

Last week I wrote about a vision that I had called, “The Refreshing before the Breakthrough”. In that vision the Lord was bringing a refreshing of water upon His people to wash and renew them before a major breakthrough. This morning I woke up and heard the words,

“Get ready for a fresh baptism with in My fire.”

I immediately felt like I was taken back 2000 years to the upper room with all those who gathered to wait in obedience to the Lord for something unknown. Once again, in this hour, many have been in a waiting room or holding pattern for months in obedience to His voice, not knowing what they are waiting for but knowing that something is coming. The early disciples waited; then the fire fell!

When tongues of fire came upon them the men and women became intoxicated (filled to overflowing) with the Holy Spirit. They received the Fire that cannot be extinguished. The Eternal Flame came to reside in each of them and He would lead them to expand the Kingdom in even greater ways then they had yet seen. Miracles, power and intimacy were poured into them. A prayer language that would purify and align them with the intercession of heaven came upon them. People thought that they were drunk with wine but they were actually filled with Holy Fire.

Get ready for this to happen anew! Do not despise your time of waiting because fire is about to fall upon you. It will renew your strength and give life to your legs to run the race without weariness. This fire will give you “wings of flames” to fly higher and farther than you have ever known. This fire will cause you to feel like your youth has been renewed.

God’s glory is about to come down and ignite hearts and nations with a fresh baptism in His love, His purity, His power and His holiness. People that never knew Him will be saved and delivered throughout the nations without anyone even speaking to them. As this fire falls on God’s people and they begin to release the “tongues of fire and truth” it will release into the land and into the atmosphere salvation and deliverance. Nations will come into revival and in our darkest hour many will see the light. This fire will purify the defilement and awaken the dead from their spiritual sleep.

I declare in the Name above all Names, Jesus Christ, “Let the fire fall, let the wind blow, let His glory come down!”

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