He is Holding You


By Kathi Pelton

I woke up this morning with deep compassion in my heart for those who are hurting. It is a compassion stronger than my human emotions or ability to muster up; it is the Father’s compassion for His children who are hurting.

Many of you reading this have fought so hard to stay in faith and bravely clung to your determination to believe in God’s promises despite adversity. You have wondered why others are experiencing breakthrough and you are not. You feel very alone in this battle.

But I hear the Spirit saying that you are not alone! The Father’s arms are open and He desires for you to surrender all of your pain, disappointment and fear to His powerful embrace. He will hold you and His perfect love will heal your pain, renew your hope and calm your fears.

This is a real invitation, not just a nice picture. Get somewhere that you can be still and receive the invitation for Him to hold you.

I also felt that as you allow yourself to be held and comforted that He would take the battle out of your hands. The battle that you are facing belongs to Him. It is too big for you and as you turn your focus on being loved by Him and trusting Him, it will take away the swirl of warfare that has exhausted you.

I will welcome you and be a Father to you and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty. 2 Corinthians 6:18.

He has offered an open invitation into rest and comfort. God’s arms are spread wide to receive you and to relieve you of the burden of the battle. Faith and hope are found in rest and peace.

Even now His arms are wrapping around you; breathe deeply the fragrance of His love.

A Personal Message from Jeff and Kathi

We continue to be excited and blessed that the Lord has allowed us to share words of encouragement and comfort He has given us for the Body of Christ through writing and speaking, and through Kathi’s book.

In addition to this work, we help support a family that ministers in the slums of Mumbai, India. They pastor a church in the heart of an area bound by severe poverty. We are currently facing a financial shortfall for our personal needs; and our shortfall becomes theirs as well. Therefore we are sharing our need in order to invite those who feel moved by the Lord to sow into the work we are doing, so we may continue to go where He has asked us.

We appreciate the love and prayers that so many of you have extended to us. Will you consider sowing a gift this month to help these pressing needs, or becoming a monthly supporter to be a part of our ongoing ministry?

We treasure our relationship with our partners and we continue to pray for your needs as you sow into ours!

Thank you and bless you.

Gifts can be given through our website at http://www.inscribeministries.com Go to the homepage and click the DONATE botton.

Jeffrey and Kathi are also broadcasting regularly on Periscope! Go to the Periscope app (or click the following link for more information) and search for Inscribe. Then sign up to follow us. We would love to see you there!

If you seek a path to genuine peace in the midst of our hectic culture, let Kathi’s book 30 Days to Breakthrough: Peace help you on your journey to a new understanding of the Lord’s faithfulness in giving you His peace. It is available from Amazon, or you can write us: admin@inscribeministries.com for information.

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