Taking Down the Giant that has Threatened Your Life

When young David went out to face the giant Philistine with no armor, no weapon of might and no physical strength it must have felt like the ultimate joke to Goliath. Can you imagine the mocking that must have transpired? A small shepherd stood before an armored giant with just a slingshot and a stone.
Do you know that this scenario lives on today in the lives of God’s sons and daughters? We stand before the Prince of darkness and all of the demonic forces as his armor and he mocks us. Will we stand firm like young David or cower under the shadow of darkness and mockery? 
Young David knew who he was and the name that he stood in. He understood that God’s name was his authority, his strength and his victory. Yet today I talk to so many believers who have allowed the voice of the enemy to define who they are and cause them to cower under his accusations. Many of God’s people have the makings to be a hero of the faith and yet somewhere in their life they began to listen to the “giant” that stood before them and called them weak and defeated. 
The mocking voice can come in many forms; our own minds, family members, schoolmates or colleagues. The message mocks the truth of who you really are. When you begin to believe and agree with these words then you are like a fish caught on a hook and the enemy begins to reel you into his lies. 
The good news is that it is not too late to spit out that hook and go free. You can renounce your agreement with every lie and mocking word that you have believed and begin to receive God’s truth over your life. You are created in the very image of the living God therefore you are not to receive any negative words or declarations about your identity. 
I think that many of God’s people try to be like a someone that they respect or look up to but like young David, someone else’s armor and weapons will not fit you! You can admire them but be true to who you are and do not despise your own identity. You do not go out to face the giants in life in your own strength but in His name. But your weapon of choice should fit who you are. For David it was a slingshot and a stone (a child’s weapon) but it may be something different for you. 
I use to fight against who God created me to be. I remember the first conference that I was ministering at (in 2003) was with Patricia King. I was standing next to such a mighty woman of faith and I felt like a “mouse” in her shadow. She didn’t make me feel this way but lies I had believed made me feel that way. I hadn’t learned yet who I was created to be or what was within me. Patricia saw it but I did not. Quite honestly I spent a number of years running and hiding from the call of God on my life as I struggled against the hook in my mouth. I put more stock in who I “wasn’t” than in who God is. Eventually I had to spit that hook out of my mouth and swim free. 
Today is the day that you can let go of the lies that have held you back from victory and truth. Make a list of the lies that you have believed (those negative words and labels that have plagued your life). Then make a list of who God says that you are (it is not cheating to use His Word to find out who He says that you are). Then renounce all agreement, all belief and all alignment with the negative words. You will also cancel all of the negative affects that these lies have had on your life and family. Last, you are going to receive the truth of who God says that you are. You will announce agreement, belief and alignment with who He says that you are. Then you will ask His truth to saturate and affect every aspect of your life and family. I call this “spitting out the hook and picking up the stone”. This will take down the giant that has overshadowed you and mocked you.
“Never again will you be called “The Forsaken City” or “The Desolate Land.” Your new name will be “The City of God’s Delight” and “The Bride of God,” for the LORD delights in you and will claim you as his bride.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭62:4‬ ‭NLT‬‬
Pray these words with me,
“Jesus, I break all covenant, agreement and alignment with the identity of being forsaken or desolate and I cancel all effects of their power over my life. I right now come into agreement with who You say that I am! I am loved, adored, honored, cherished, favored and faithfulness surrounds my life. I am created in the very image of God and covered in the righteousness of Jesus. I come into agreement with faithfulness because You, my Bridegroom, are forever faithful to me. This is my reality! I am God’s delight! Saturate my life and family with Your favor and delight. Amen”
Pray this prayer every time the enemy tries to hook you again. When he mocks you, reject the hook with truth. It is time to take that giant down because your Goliath is merely a mouse in comparison to our God! You are called to live as a hero of faith. Victory belongs to the children of God and He is your armor. 
This is your stone of faith! Your stone is the Cornerstone, Jesus. It is time to take down the mocking giant that has stood in your way. It is time to spit the hook out and pick up the stone of victory.

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