An Open Letter of Love to Our “Non-Republican” Friends…Please Read and Share

I know that right now we are a divided nation. This is not new or surprising and is not the result of the election. The truth of the matter is in the old saying, “United we stand but divided we fall.” This is not a letter about Trump but a letter from “my” heart.
As a Christian (please don’t stop reading just because I said I’m a Christian), I personally and continually deal with other believers in Christ who do not agree with one another on many issues such as the translation of the Bible, doctrinal beliefs or expressions of worship. I personally have been honored to walk with a large team of people from around the world that regularly come together under the core belief that we are family because we share the same Father and Savior, therefore we lay down our personal agendas and cultural/doctrinal differences in order to pray and worship our Savior in unity of heart. It is rich and beautiful.
I share that only to say that as a nation we share one common ground that we can stand united on if we are willing; we are all Americans. I am not merely being patriotic but rather longing to see our nation lay down our differences, our agendas and our demands for a moment so that we can come together as “One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all”. For all!
Eight years ago the republicans/conservatives in our nation experienced what you, my non-republican/conservative friends are experiencing now. We experienced a political defeat and it too was painful. It wasn’t about race but about our beliefs. What we fought for had been defeated just as has happened to you this week. There were not riots in the streets or any

media talking about our pain. It was as if our defeat was a silent pain that could not be talked about. 
Though I did not vote for President Obama in either election, I personally wept eight years ago when the Obamas walked down the streets of Washington DC after he was sworn in because it was beautiful to see our nation embrace an African American president. Though he did not stand for the issues that I stood for, it was a moment of victory as a nation that I could be in unity with my fellow Americans on. I thought of the decades and decades of those who fought and died for civil rights and recognized that this was what they fought for. As the Obamas walked down the street that day, as our newly sworn in presidential family, I could recognize (in the midst of personal disappointment) that I was witnessing a victory and miracle.
Within every family there are differences; sometimes stark differences. Within every sport there is an opposing team or competitor. Within every religion there are different beliefs and views. And finally within every nation there are different political parties and beliefs that go to the very heart of the individuals that make up that nation.
Once again, for eight years I personally have had to live with a government leading our nation with beliefs and views that I did not share. Though I am aware that many in the “conservative right” did not always act becomingly or with integrity, I always sought to bless and not curse. If my core beliefs are Christian then I had to conclude that any action that violated God’s command that we “love one another” would be wrong. I am so very sorry for all of those who said that they are Christian but did not display love. I’m not talking about agreement of issues (beliefs) I am talking about love. Jesus displayed that when he befriended those who lived in a way that went against the Jewish law. He brought grace and love that crossed barriers of lifestyles and beliefs.
Today we ALL face change as we go into four years of a more conservative and republican government. We face it with a new president that has glaring faults, is rarely “politically correct” in how he speaks and has a past moral failures. Sounds a lot like many of us. For me, my vote did not come from a place of believing that this man was the most qualified or honorable, but truly believing that the issues that he stood for more greatly aligned with my Christian beliefs. 
As an American, I too, should have the rights to live and exercise my values and beliefs in our great nation without being called a racist or facing persecution or prosecution. I believe in “justice for all” and yet in today’s world I find it difficult to see where my children and grandchildren can live free of judgement that says if we don’t “agree” then it’s a “crime of hate”. If our disagreement leaves the boundaries of love then yes, we are guilty of hate but can our nation and will you, my friends and fellow Americans who have passionate but different beliefs, allow us to live and be loved in this land as well? If love is your “cause” (this is a cause we agree on) then can we be loved too? Can we disagree with lifestyles without being called “haters” and racist? And can we who disagree act like Jesus and show love as well?
Will we allow this new president to walk with his family down the streets of Washington DC after he is sworn in as our Commander and Chief without screaming hate and murderous chants at them? Will people walk in personal integrity with a man who has not always done so? Or will they do the very thing that they claim to hate? Can we show love to the one that we do not agree with?
Hatred produces more hatred and since the desire of many who voted against Trump is acceptance for all then he is included in that “all”? Am I included in that “all”?
President Obama has called for unity and support, Hillary Clinton has asked for unity and support, President Elect Donald Trump has asked for unity and support and now I am asking for that as well. Not agreement but an extension of love. Unity as Americans rather than riots of hate filling our streets and cities. Words of blessing rather than curses of hate. I have spent eight years pleaded with those around me who share my beliefs to not speak hate or curses over our more liberal friends and neighbors. I, and many others have asked them to pray for our president and to extend love in the midst of disagreement. We can rally for our causes without killing and hating one another. The Bible says that without love we are merely a “clanging gong or resounding cymbal”. We are just noise! On either side, liberal or conservative, we are just noise when we are absent of love.
I know that many (on all sides; religious, conservative and liberal) will comment with hate, political views and anger against this letter but if these words can in some way unite hearts that have different beliefs then whatever anger that comes against me is worth it. I desire to walk in the greatest commandment and that is to love one another as Christ first loved me. He loved me before I believed in His ways and I want to walk like He walked. 
God Bless America…land that I love!

Kathi Pelton

9 thoughts on “An Open Letter of Love to Our “Non-Republican” Friends…Please Read and Share

  1. I have just recently discovered your blog, Kathi! Wonderfully said! I am walking in intercession for our wonderful country. I am agreeing with you for the Love of God to prevail. We are in an intense spiritual battle and as we use the “weapons of our warfare” continually, we will ultimately be part of the Victory. I am believing the current events in our history are instrumental in ushering in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ for His Believers! May the Body of Christ grow as a result of walking in the Love that none of us deserve yet by His Great Grace, it has been given. Blessings to you! I hope you will visit my blog as well.


  2. It was what Jesus left us with….”Love one another.” It was the whole reason He came….LOVE….if we decide to love… HE will give us the strength and grace to accomplish HIS final command… Not a suggestion, but a command…we can do this, LORD!!!!


  3. Kathi , Amen and how precious ! I believe the same and you put it so beautifully and in a loving and accurate way ….I do pray that eyes will be enlightened and hearts opened to love and possibilities for ALL ( which I truly believe is Trumps desire for our country!) God bless you Kathi and God bless America – land that I love 🇺🇸❤️

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  4. Thank you, Kathi, for putting into words that which I have longed to say but felt unable because I didn’t want to risk losing the message through offense. I have watched our nation move far away from Adonai and away from the principles this nation was founded under. As someone who has served and who loves this country almost as much as my Savior, I have lamented over the direction we are heading for many years. Love covers a multitude of sins. It is written that if I, as an individual, fail to forgive anyone, then my Savior will not forgive me when I stand before His throne. It is only in the power of Love that I am able to completely forgive. It is only in the power of Love that I am able to agree to disagree with someone and still be civil. It is only in the power of Love that I am truly able to understand what it means to love unconditionally and to allow myself to be loved in the same fashion. As we have humbled ourselves and prayed, may we continue to seek His Face, and may He continue to hear from heaven and bring healing to our land. Much love to you and Jeff, my friend.


  5. Kathi, I appreciate that you wrote this message. I have to say the last few posts that you have sent regarding the election really disconcerted me because they seemed completely unaware of the great pain and suffering that is taking place in our “divided” nation right now. Please understand, that this has been a very emotional week for those who are experiencing defeat and great hopelessness in the wake of this election. It is not about our side “losing” – for many it is fear, grief, and disappointment manifesting in anger. It will subside…and as we work through our grief we recognize the value of unity, respect, compassion and peaceful protests for the values we hold dear (like accessible health care, families staying together, right to freedom and safety for immigrants, respect and safety for blacks, latinos, LGBTQ, etc.). Most people I know are looking forward to peaceful collaboration. Please understand, the rejection and hatred experienced by people of color and other minorities is a very, very, deep wound. And the election of Trump signified a reopening of that wound. It’s painful! It’s not about democrats and republicans – its about a desire for freedom and justice for all – its about rejected and hurting ones who don’t know the love of the father now experiencing what they perceive to be even more rejection at the hands of their countrymen and president. I hope that makes sense. I have been in the discussions that have taken place over this past week and while people are angry, the majority of people do want peace and they are understanding. Try to imagine being a person of color and having a KKK endorsed president elected into office…I feel that many who can’t grasp this kind of suffering struggle to understand what people who voted for Clinton are feeling right now. Right now more than appealing to one side for peace – perhaps we need to appeal to both sides for greater understanding, compassion, and greater revelation of God’s heart for those who have been oppressed for centuries because of the color of their skin. Perhaps an open letter could also be written to those who did vote for Trump but struggle to find compassion or humility in the election results. Bless you, Kathi, and thank you for your heart.


    • My heart is not for one side or another it was merely about assuring that no matter the side (at the time the majority of people hurting were those who did not vote republican) and the need to maintain the boundaries of love toward one another; as well as the honor of the outcome of the election no matter what way it went. I fully understand the pain with the nation which was my purpose of the letter. The further pain being caused by anger and truly the same hatred that those rioting accuse Trump of violates the “so-called” message of “love trumps hate” that they claim to have. I am not choosing a side because I am and will always be on God’s side. His will is where I yield and His love and standards are my deepest desire to walk in. That was my reason for the letter.


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