Though You are Weary, the Lord is Asking You to “Stand on Guard”

There is a deep weariness upon those who have engaged in intercession and the spiritual battle in the months that led up to the US national election. The battle goes way deeper than who would be the next president, The powers and principalities have not stopped battling. They desire to kill a generation, they seek to harm Israel and they are continuing to enrage the political and religious spirits that divide people. 

The end of the election was the beginning of the race. I heard the Lord ask His people this,
“Though you are weary, will you continue to stand on guard for the United States of America?” 
I then sensed that the enemy was seeking to use the media, social media and the angry riots to weary God’s people. Though the attacks appear targeted at President Elect Trump, it is even more against God’s people (who turned the tide of this election). If the enemy can cause us to leave our prayer post now then he can occupy this new land with deeper divides and demonically designed decrees.
It is just as important to occupy the land as to possess the land. The victory to possess is merely the beginning of the battle. Those groups who have been fervently praying, fasting and releasing worship must not believe that their assignment is finished. We have only just begun. 
I completely understand the exhaustion and the emotional battle that says, “I’m going on a spiritual vacation!” I have walked with nations in critical times and though the battle belongs to the Lord and His burden upon us is easy and light, the enemy desire to weigh people down emotionally so that they will disengage spiritually.
A battle was won but the war is no where near over. God has given my husband and I some deep revelation this past week that we are working on releasing very soon. But believe me when I say that the new battle is even more vital than the last battle. The Lord will refresh His people as we remain on guard and engaged in occupying the land through prayer and worship. 
There are victories ahead to obtain and the battle “on the ground” is only one victory. The victory of seeing judgement turn to mercy is still upon us in the USA. The battle for our younger generation is upon us. The battle for unity where divisions exist is a victory that must be realized. 
Will you remain on the wall while allowing the Holy Spirit to refresh you? You may need a physical vacation or emotional nurturing but do not disengage your spirit. Seek the Lord and gather with believers to find out what the Lord is asking of you. 
This is not only about the United States but about the Kingdom of God. Thank you to all the nations and international prophetic prayer warriors who have stood with us and continue to stand with us. We couldn’t have done this without you and we are still in need of you.
We will build a wall! A wall of prayer, praise and protection against the enemies plans. Do not leave your post. It’s time to “mind the gap”!

This is a time of advancement but advancement requires provision to go forward. Please sow into what the Lord has asked us to do in this critical hour. To give a financial gift go to:

Thank You!!

Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton

3 thoughts on “Though You are Weary, the Lord is Asking You to “Stand on Guard”

  1. THANK You Kathi, we need to encourage each other to stay the course. We have so many young people who have turned their backs to their parents and away from GOD. PLEASE PRAY THAT THE EYES OF UNDERSTANDING BE OPENED


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