God Will Take Care of All That You Need

Let me begin this by declaring over you that God’s promises are both true and sure in every season, through every circumstance. 

My husband and I were talking about how throughout our 33 years of marriage, every time we worried about our next step, our daily bread or monthly bills, our children or if the steps of faith we made would be met with what was needed that God came through. Every time! 

We have moved to other states and even out of the country with merely a request from the Lord to “go”. We obeyed but many times we were terrified because we had never been that way before. We struggled against our thoughts and how God could possibly pull off the miracles that were needed. But again and again He did. Often in much greater ways than we expected. Many nights were wasted on worry and sleeplessness when God had everything under control. 

We adopted, we took kids in and we overcame infertility…and all of the credit goes to God. We probably worried more often than we didn’t. We hit bumps in the road but many times those bumps were merely our lack of trust and peace. Just like “speed bumps” they slowed us down just enough to get our “God perspective” back. 

Just as in every season, we once again face many unknowns. The questions of “how will God make this happen or that happen” aren’t as loud as they were when we were young but they still cross our minds. Now we are wise enough to know that He almost never does it in a way that we can figure out or expect so we’ve stopped trying. Never-the-less we are always amazed and thrilled to see how His hand comes through for us.

So, whatever you are facing, know this…GOD HAS IT TAKEN CARE OF! 

Trust Him and yield to Him. Don’t create speed bumps through wrestling with Him because the only one who feels the bump is you. Rest in Him and enter into His peace. Take all the cares of your life and lay it at the throne of grace and then let Him be God. 

He will take care of the rest!

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