The Pieces are Coming Together

By Kathi Pelton

I was praying one morning regarding an issue, and I received clear revelation that I was able to share with specific people. As the day went on I was not able get it off my mind, and then I heard the Spirit say, “This vision is for that specific issue but it is also a vision for many more. It is both/and.”

The vision consisted of many clock wheels turning and moving, but they were not connected, so they moved independently of each other. Then I saw all the wheels move together and as they connected they began to move in a new synchronization. There was greater ease, alignment, revelation and wisdom. At that point I saw the clock and it was aligned with God’s timing and His will for individuals, ministries, businesses and nations. These clock wheels aligned like the “wheels within wheels” we read about in Ezekiel 1:16, causing a divine synchronization between Heaven and God’s people on Earth.


Divine Connections

There may be many areas of your life that feel disconnected or in need of divine movement in order to be properly aligned. I see that these areas will quickly come together (and even now are beginning to do so). As they do, ease in movement will occur. This will cause the different aspects of your life to align with God’s plans of blessings over you. It will align you with Heaven’s movements.

I also saw this occur over corporate groups: ministries working together, people groups connecting with each other, businesses interfacing and God’s remnant connecting from different nations.

The connection of these clock wheels will be the answer to many needs that have delayed of halted forward movement. Gaps will be filled and needs will be met as different giftings, callings and resources are brought together.


A Reset Time

I heard the words, “Reset time” and saw someone resetting a watch that had fallen behind to the proper time.

The interesting thing is, just yesterday I went through our house and noticed that a number of our clocks were hours behind the actual time. I replaced batteries and reset the time. We are in the midst of a divine reset that will catch us up from the attacks that have caused delays and caused us to lag behind.

I decided to go to “Google Images” to find a photo of a watch being reset, but when I pressed “Search,” instead of sending me to the Image page, a site popped up that told how to reset a digital watch, and the photo display for the article showed a watch with the time 3:33 (see picture below). Three represents the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and triple threes invites us into that unity that they share (John 17:20-23). It also had the date 11/20 and I felt as though that was the date (November 20, 2016) that this reset began. I also was led to go to Hebrews 11:20:

“By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau in regard to their future.”

The Father is blessing brothers (His sons and daughters) in regard to their futures! He is resetting us and aligning us for the purpose of His future and hope that He has promised.

Celebrating Together

Finally, I felt that it is significant that the first day of Hanukkah and Christmas Eve, the Jewish and Christian family celebrations, fall on the same day this year. When the Jewish people begin their first night of gifts to their children, Christians will begin giving to their children as well. This is similar to the picture of Isaac blessing both his sons.

My sense is that these wheels (Jewish and Christian) will be connected and prophecies for their futures will begin to be fulfilled.

This is an exciting and supernatural time of wheels within wheels moving together.

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