A Love Letter From God

Kathi Pelton

As I waited on the Lord today I heard Him addess His sons and daughters. As I began writing and realized that I was writing a love letter.

 “My precious sons and daughters,

I know that many of you have been through difficult and challenging times but know that I am with you and My love surrounds you both day and night.
I have heard every cry and every prayer that you have poured out to Me. I am not deaf to your cries. I am actively causing everything in your life to work together for your good. Trust Me because what looks like loss will turn to gain in your life. I see every detail and need that you have. 
Come and rest in My love. Come into the shadow of My wing where there is rest for your weary soul. I am not a hard taskmaster but rather a loving Father. I know what I am going to do about every detail of your life; I am the Father of Lights and all of My plans are to prosper and not harm you.
Where the enemy has touched your life there will be recompense. My children will not be touched without a strong response of my wrath and justice being executed on your behalf. You will see My restoration and as you do it will bring a greater revelation of My love, My ways and My nature. You are my most precious possession.
My Spirit has been working in the deep places of Your heart in order to shed light on every breach, every belief that is not aligned with My truth and every wound that needs My touch. The enemy searches for any place that he can enter in order to bring you harm and cause you to doubt My love. I am repairing the breaches and drawing you into the truth that will release divine protection and blessings upon your life.
My Son is longing for His Bride. He is longing for intimacy with you. He longs to hold you, still you with His love and to draw you into His bridal chambers. His love and longing is ignited like a bridegroom that is quickly approaching the wedding day. You are being prepared, purified and adorned so that you will be ready when I present you to Him. 
It is not by might or by power but by My Spirit that I am making you ready. Rest My precious ones. I truly am a good, good Father.

With Unending Love,

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