God is Reversing the Curse and Releasing the Blessing

By Kathi Pelton

Early this morning I was taken into an experience where I saw in the spirit decades of word curses coming against the people of God. These curses were spoken against individuals, families, ministries and leaders. They were like an avalanche of curses that had weighed heavy upon these lives and kept them struggling to be free. 

Then I saw God rise up and He spoke “LIFE” that came upon every word curse that was spoken through time and every effect that it had caused to bring warfare and “death” upon God’s people. A reverse suddenly happened and what was a curse was now a blessing of life and restoration. It went out to restore what had been damaged, destroyed, stolen and negatively affected. I understood by the Spirit that for every place touched by these curses there would be an exponential blessing in its place.

God is about to flood His people with a downpour of blessings. These will not merely be “showers of blessing” but a flood of blessings that overtakes, restores and cleanses every place that the curse has claimed. It will be like a strong river that breaks through the desert and flows through wilderness places that prepares the way for all that the Lord is about to do in lives and nations. 

There are those who have prophesied these blessings of breakthrough for a long time now and many have discounted their words as “false prophesy” because they have not experienced the breakthroughs that they hoped for. But God does nothing without first revealing it to His prophets and they, in obedience, have pioneered in faith, intercession and prophesy in the Spirit to see a portal of blessing and breakthrough opened up! They have stood in agreement in the midst of great personal opposition to forge through this vast wilderness and barren desert. 

It is time! Now is the time to see the way opened up and the curse reversed. The floodgates are now opening!

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4 responses to “God is Reversing the Curse and Releasing the Blessing”

  1. Dear Kathi and friends,

    thank you so much for your ministry and your faithfulness in the midst of adversity. It is hard for words to express how much your posts have encouraged me since I started following you in November. Your posts have been powerful confirmations of what I have been experiencing in my walk with the Lord and have undergirded me to set my face as flint as the fruit is finally coming to bear on the branches.

    Your post on the open door came the day before the Lord gave me long-prayed-for favor with my pastor to share prophetic insights and the power of Tongues and Grace. We have prayed for Holy Spirit change in south Orange County the past 6 plus years and have been interceding for a grace revival for the past 10. The Lord has been brewing these things in our lives for the past 15 years.

    Your post on the dark night of the soul shed light on the deep darkness of the past year and the hope we have clung to and stayed firm in as the Lord effects spiritual change in the heavenlies and the earth.

    Your post on hoping in the Lord and not the breakthrough was strong encouragement to persevere during the shocking loss of my dear young brother and my husbands dear friend over the holidays. Two days before New Years I received with joy your message on the opening of the wells. Nothing could have prepared me for the sudden and instantaneous death of my 27 year old brother on New Year’s Day. As I sat in shock that week the Lord recalled your hopeful message. He encouraged me as I have walked through this terrible time that He would bring good out this tragedy and that He is opening these wells that have been closed up by warfare.

    I looked up the passage in Genesis where Jacob uncovers the wells of Abraham that the Phillistines had covered over with earth. I am excited that the Lord is opening up and restoring the blessings that Abraham found to the church: the gift of righteousness and abundance of grace of Romans 5:17. It’s a big year 5777 in the Hebrew calendar and 500 years from the reformation.

    Thank you for your words that are helping me choose to see the Oceans of the Lords grace in this desert place and know that I am not alone. That the Lord like he told Elijah has many prophets in their caves. You are a blessing. I pray the blessings of Deut 28 over you and the protection of Psalm 91 over you all.

    With love, Caroline Evans Dana point, ca

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    1. Dear Caroline,
      Thank you for your letter. First, I want to express my sympathy and sorrow at the loss of your young and precious brother (as well as your friend). May comfort be followed by great joy as the revelation of His goodness flows to you. My heart goes out to you.
      I am so glad to hear that my words have both encouraged and blessed your life. That blesses me.
      May the bounty of Heaven be made manifest in your earthly life!!
      With Love,


  2. Blessings to you for hearing from the Lord.

    I am blessed by this word – about a week ago I had a prophetic experience where I experienced the glory that is coming to the body of christ – it was demonstrated spirit to spirit – my eyes shall see the glory of the coming of the Lord…amen!



    1. Thank you for sharing! We will see His glory and He will receive all that He is due!


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