You will Cross the Finish Line of Victory


I wrote this article early this morning and didn’t have time to post it on my blog, only my FB PAGE.  Then, when I had free time I had two messages from one of my readers sharing Lana Vawser’s word from today about “Nike running shoes” and a word by Katie Barker on The Elijah List today about a runner crossing a finish line. These two words confirmed that the Lord is speaking clearly through at least three prophetic voices about the same subject. Be encouraged as you read this!!


Today’s Word:

Have your committed your life to the Lord? Have you committed your path (life’s journey) to the will of the Lord? If your answer is yes then I have good news for you! GOD IS ORDERING YOUR STEPS INTO VICTORY! 

“A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭16:9‬ ‭

I use to worry about “getting it right” and wondering if I had heard right and if my steps were on the right path. Then one day the Lord asked me the very questions that I began this post with. When I answered, “Yes” He responded by saying to me,

“Daughter, stop worrying and concerning your thoughts with if your plans were right because I will direct and establish your steps according to My will because you have committed your steps to Me.” 

A burden or heavy yoke of the responsibility of “getting it right” came off of me that day and a new confidence in His faithfulness to order my steps came upon me. I make my plans according to the best of my ability to obey His leading and then I rest assured that He will direct and establish my steps that will lead me into victory and truth. 

I awoke this morning seeing “feet cross a finish line of victory”. These were ones who had been running the race of faith and in “the fear of the Lord” and the Lord has directed their steps and their feet to the victory line. 

I see great joy as many approach this place of victory. I also see that new energy, excitement and vision coming upon these men and women as the victory line (finish line) comes into sight. Though there will be many more races and many more victories the Lord is saying that this race has been a race that has established the assurance of His faithfulness to direct you into victory. 

Though there has been many times in this race that you have wearied and wondered if you would make it the the finish line or if it would ever come into sight; suddenly it appears and you are quickly approaching the victory and prize.

Do not fear or be dismayed…He is faithful and establishing your steps to obtain the victory. You will step into your promised victory!

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