God is Defining and Aligning Your Place and Call

By Kathi Pelton

I have a lot of people around me that I both like and that I love. I value these precious friends and co-laborers in Christ. I value who they are, how they walk with God and the talents and gifts that they carry. 

In years past I was I quick to offer my help, gifts and support to anyone or any ministry that I respected. I’d serve faithfully because I believed in them and what they were doing. I have served in many ministries, many capacities and served under many visions. They all were worthy and good but it often left me feeling like a member of God’s military force that didn’t know which branch that I was called to serve in. 

Over the years I’ve discovered what I am passionate about and how God specifically designed me. Some of these things came as quite a surprise to me because I would not have guessed that I’d thrive in the areas that I now love the most. The journey of discovery was at times amazing and other times confusing. When I’d find myself thriving in joy, peace, intimacy and passion it was usually because I was doing what I was designed to do. I can be a part of something equally good and worthy but if it doesn’t fit my design then I begin to wither and lose my joy. 

I am sharing this because I sense that the Spirit of the Lord is visiting many people to align them and define them with His design and the service that He has called them to. There is a “Holy discomfort” upon many at this time that are not in the place that they are called and designed to be. This is not for the purpose of causing pain but for aligning and defining. When God’s “servicemen/women” are called to active duty then everyone must be in the right position and place. The place where they will thrive individually and where the whole body will most benefit.

I want to encourage you to pay attention to those discomforts that you may be feeling. It could be that it is time to allow the Holy Spirit to make the adjustments that are needed to place you and position you where you will thrive. 

I also want to speak to those who are feeling like people around you that you love and value may be making a change that shifts your relationship, your partnership or your journey together. As God defines the roles of individuals within His family there will be changes. Do not let offense enter and do not try to force things to stay the same. Love is what unites you and that will remain. If you attempt to manipulate or coerce someone into not making changes when God initiates these adjustments, it will only serve to make a place for offense and disunity to enter. Bless God’s alignments because their aligning will help usher alignment for all. If you are a leader be sure to recognize the signs of change and walk in sensitivity and blessing as this happens. Remember, they belong to God.

Do not fear change! Though change is never easy it is often necessary for forward movement and growth. As a parent the hardest things that I have experienced are those times when my young adult children have moved away or began to make changes that shifted our family and lives. Love did not change but they had to grow and therefore I had to grow as well. Growth often involves change but without growth development will be stunted.

Pay attention to your “discomfort” because it could be that the winds of change are blowing upon your life. It is always a good idea to seek the counsel of trusted believers who love you enough to let you grow. Adjustments can be as small as a minor shift or can be as big as a major move. He will be sure to make it known to you.

Whether you are changing locations, business, ministry or even close relationships know this, “God never changes!” He is your sure and unchanging foundation and hope throughout this ever changing life and world. Stay close to Him and the winds will only carry you into His perfect will.

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