The Brushstrokes of God are Painting Our Lives

This is an honest and wonderful reminder of God’s work of art in our lives written by our son-in-law, Luke.

The Brushstrokes of God

By Luke Tanner 

Often I have to recommit my steps to God because I start thinking about the figurative black cloud that begins to loom over my head and the “what-ifs” I see before me. 

They come in the form of deadlines and goals that I’ve set based on the circumstances I see or imagine. They are my greatest source of weariness, strife and regret. The things that don’t make the deadlines I’ve set are perceived as losses and circumstances that fall short of my hopes are deemed personal failures.

I often forget to stop and think “God is bigger and He’s promised better things for me.” That usually comes after-the-fact, once I’ve admitted defeat and tried doing it my way. 

God is a Painter

Only God knows what the picture He is painting of our lives will look like in the end. As a painter, the only way to get there is to paint each part in stages, it’s progressive. It takes time, it can be messy and more often than not the process looks nothing like what the end result will reveal.

Most of the time it is beautiful and colorful; but dark colors must be added as well to bring the depth needed. When we look at our personal painting, we have an overwhelming need to predict the next color, the next stroke. But only the Artist knows if what the next stroke will be and we must yield to His artistry.

Patience in the Process

We know what we want that painting of our life to look like so we try to guess what the next stage will reveal. This “prediction” can often leave us confused. We need to take a step back, in admiration, in order to truly appreciate the process and beauty emerging. But instead we often beat ourselves up for not knowing the next move or because we don’t like where the process is. We view it by the individual strokes rather than as a complete work of art. We desperately want the picture to be complete so we can appreciate the finished product.

How many of have experienced loosing our patience when a computer image is loaded; as if our lives are running in the “dial-up” mode. Some of us give up before the picture is fully revealed or deem that the process wasn’t worth the time halfway through! We cannot give up on the image of God that is being revealed in us or become impatient with the individual brushstrokes. The time and process is revealing the true beauty.

Be patient and enjoy each day more fervently than the last. The revealing of your painting is happening now. You will see the beauty of it and appreciate each stroke that created it.

1 Chronicles 16:11
“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”

Luke Tanner

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4 thoughts on “The Brushstrokes of God are Painting Our Lives

  1. As an artist who had to keep applying the dark spots to overcome to strokes that were not working well – I can so resonate with Luke’s words. God at work in every stroke! Thanks for sharing Luke’s words here Kathi!


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