Supernatural Turnarounds and Reversals are Coming

By Kathi Pelton

By now most of you saw or have heard about the mistake made at the Academy Awards last night when the wrong envelope was given to the presenters causing the wrong movie to be called out for best movie. Our family was watching during this moment and as it happened it hit my spirit as a significant sign of “things and decisions being overturned for God’s people”.  Everyone thought for a moment that it must be a joke (the Oscar moment) but I hear God saying, 

“This is not a joke. It is real. Your surprise turn around is being announced.”

We have seen numerous sport events upsets (surprises), political upsets (surprises) and now the highlight moment in Hollywood received a sudden “turn around” announcement. All of these turn around moments happened in events that millions were viewing. The world is about to see divine turn around moments for the Kingdom of God and the citizens of His Kingdom.  

I began to hear in my spirit negative announcements suddenly reversed, diagnoses of medical conditions reversed, losses turning into gains and impossibilities turned into miracles. The natural things often reveal the invisible (Romans 1:20). I believe that we are experiencing this at this time. It is like tomorrow’s news headlines being announced prophetically. You are seeing your upcoming good report…this is not “fake news” but truth!

The enemy has made announcements that are not God’s announcement. There is another announcement that will come in the face of what has been a loss. Your miracle is not lost but will soon be announced. 
The enemy has also accused you of living in a “fantasy” by believing in the impossible (like you live in La La Land) but in the darkness of what appears impossible your light will appear in the darkness to reveal your miracle (your Moonlight will come). Light in the darkness and miracles in the midst of the impossible.

Let us announce our agreement with divine turn around miracles. The highlight moment of your life is coming. Don’t lose hope…He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

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