Pray for the Prophets

–Kathi Pelton

Please pray for the prophets and prophetic voices that have been encouraging you!

I have talked with a number of known prophetic voices that have been diligently and faithfully seeking the Lord, writing, speaking and encouraging the body for Christ for a long time now and MANY of them are facing battles and opposition that are wearing them down and threatening to harm them and their families.

The enemy is using their very words against them and though they are pressing in and not backing down they are getting hit very hard. We are a family and those who encourage and carry His words from Heaven to Earth need the family of God to be praying, supporting and standing with them at this time.

I am not writing this about “me” personally; although our family has taken a lot of warfare in the past year, but my heart is carrying ALL of those who are prophetic voices. Releasing the word of the Lord does not come apart from a cost and yet it is never their desire to count the cost. 

The body of Christ needs to not only receive but to give; prayers, encouragement, support and love. Their voices are like a drum that is beating back the lies of the enemy. The are forerunners of what God is speaking and often have to pioneer through rough terrain to make a way for the body to follow on.

Will you take a few minutes each day between today 3/4 to 4/4 (March 4th – April 4th) to pray for those who are releasing prophetic encouragement? Pray for their lives, families, health, protection, finances and peace.

Thank you and please share this request so that we can see a prayer shield come forth.

Kathi Pelton

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