Dare to Dream Again!

~~Kathi Pelton

Recently while I was spending time with the Lord I began to experience a deep touch from Him that was like having Him stir the waters of my soul to connect fully with His Spirit inside of me. Then I began to feel angels encircling me and dancing around me. It was like coming alive and being revived after a season of an uphill hike. 

As this happened I felt this stirring awakening me to dream again. These weren’t “safe” dreams but the dreams that we dare to dream. These are the “above and beyond” (Ephesians 3:20) what I can ask or imagine dreams. 

There are seasons that wear on our souls and can result in moving us into what I’d call survival mode or a place that we function rather than thrive. I feel the Spirit of the Lord breathing life upon the dreams that we dare to dream. Former dreams, current dreams and the dreams that stir the waters of our soul with desire and joy. 

It may be time to make a dream list. It feels like when the pools were stirred and people could enter the pools and be healed (John 5). God is stirring the dream pools and asking you to come in and receive the healing that you need. This pool will bring momentum because it is bringing movement and you will risk, dream and soar again. 

The stirring of this pool is also cleansing it from the contamination that stagnation causes. I see joy arising from this place, expectation and assurance arising as well as beauty arising. 

Today is International Women’s Day and I want to especially encourage the women to dream again! Arise from the ashes and fly. It is time to move from the time of preparation into your destiny. Take your place within the dream of God for you. I see Esther approaching the king and Miriam leading the procession out of captivity with her dance. It is time to arise because deliverance is upon you; for you and for those around you. 

The enemy would try to convince you that your life has become a pillar of salt (like Lot’s wife). This is only because the enemy wants you focused on what is behind but God is calling you forward. Look ahead and dream. Dream with God and go forth with dancing. I see a horse that is set free to run forth without restraints. 

Joy awaits you and it is revived in the dream pool that God is stirring. Jump in!

A Personal Note to Our Amazing Supporters:

We are praying and decreeing Ephesians 3:20 over all of our financial supporters during 2017. Thank you and we are decreeing daily the blessings that are “above and beyond” what you can ask or imagine over you and your household. Please send us your Ephesians 3:20 testimonies. 

Between now and the date 3/20 we are pressing in to see the blessing of Ephesians 3:20 open up to you. Decree along with us for your miracle and our miracle. Let us enter together in agreement (“where two or more are gathered”). Thank you again for sowing into our ministry. 

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