It’s Time to Get Undignified!! 

~~Kathi Pelton

The Spirit has been reminding me of all of the times I threw being dignified out the window in order to be sanctified (set apart). I’ve done some pretty crazy looking things in order to obey His voice. 

Tonight the Spirit asked me a question,

“Are you ready to get even more undignified than ever before?”

The world will look at what God asks us to do as crazy and even insane but when they see the results they will take notice and their mouths will hang open in awe and wonder. God will be asking His people to do prophetic acts and things that make no sense in our natural minds but we will do them because the Spirit tells us to. 

We are entering a time where the sovereignty of God is about to be put on display before the Church and the world. No man will be able to take credit for the miracles, signs and wonders that will transpire. Some of these miracles will be so amazing that they will even make headline news. 

Just today God asked my husband and I to do a “crazy prophetic act” regarding the purchase of our home and property. Then He said, 

“Post it on Facebook and ask people to be witnesses of what I’ve asked you to do.” 

In the world’s eyes it was foolishness but in God’s eyes it was worship! We become sanctified as we become undignified. Our obedience sets us apart and crucifies the flesh of doubt and pride. As we did this act I could feel angels surrounding us and rushing to be a part of what we were doing. The angel armies were ready to go forth and assist us in what the Spirit had asked us to do. We could feel the pleasure of God as we followed His lead.

There is an army of believers rising up that are about to march around city walls in order to see them fall, they will walk in strategies that confound the wise and confound the enemy. These strategies will make space for the miraculous to come to Earth.

Now is the time to listen to the voice of the Spirit for instructions regarding your breakthrough. It is time for families to breakthrough, cities to breakthrough and nations to breakthrough. As God displays His sovereignty those in the world, who look on, will throw down their idols and turn to God. They will declare, “Jesus is the Messiah and my Savior!” 

Even those who have become cynical within the Church of the prophetic will be set free as they witness His mysterious ways.

If you struggle with pride or the need to appear dignified then now is the time to ask the Spirit to deliver you from all vanity. These undignified acts will sanctify your life for a Heavenly promotion and broader boundaries of influence and revelation.

“I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes…” 

2 Samuel 6:22

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