Moving into Your Desires Fulfilled

~~Kathi Pelton

Yesterday I was taken into a vision of people that were living in the mire of hope deferred. They were stuck in a deep and muddy pool. The mud (hope deferred) was getting on everything. Their perspective was becoming tainted with disappointment and disillusionment. 

Then suddenly these people began to remember the prophetic words and promises that had been spoken into their lives. These words and promises became a place or destination filled with light and beauty. Jesus was there and He was calling them to come over and stand in this land of “desire fulfilled”. The people didn’t know how to get to this destination because they had expected it to come to them rather than them have to go to it. 

Then the Spirit of the Lord began to pour faith over these ones that were stuck in this deep mud of hope deferred. The faith was like water that washed the mud off and created a bridge to cross over. By faith they crossed out of hope deferred to the land of desire fulfilled. They stood in their spiritual promise and as they, by faith, stood in this new place joy came upon them, peace poured over them and beauty surrounded them. In faith they began to occupy the land of desire fulfilled. This became the key that unlocked the door that stood between the spiritual promise and the natural manifestation. 

This act of faith caused these people to become aligned with God and His promises. It lifted a weight off of them and they received the light yoke that Jesus promised for their lives. Pressure and anxiety left. Peace and joy returned just by positioning themselves by faith in desire fulfilled. 

Once again I’m reminded of a time many years ago when I was feeling anxious and fearful because circumstances were stacked against our family. Patricia King came to me and said, 

“Kathi, what if I told you right now that I was going to transfer a million dollars into your bank account next week?” 

I said, 

“I’d be immediately relieved.”

She then said, 

“Would you go out and begin to position yourself for receiving this promise even through it isn’t yet in your account?” 

I replied, “Yes, because I know that you wouldn’t promise me this if you weren’t going to do it.” 

She then said, 

“Why do you treat God’s promises different than my promise? Go out and live in a way that is sure of His promises for your life.” 

We so often treat God’s promises as an “if”. If He comes through, if He fulfills His promise, if He doesn’t disappoint us. We occupy the land of “IF” which is the pool of hope deferred and doubt. Often we will say that we just “doubt our hearing” but honestly we doubt His goodness and promise to prosper and not harm us (Jeremiah 29:11). 

It is time to let faith wash us and be the bridge to take us into the destination (land) of desires fulfilled. There is a tree of life there to eat from that brings joy and beauty. Living in the place of “ASSURANCE” rather than in the pool of “IF” (doubt and unbelief) will be the key to begin to unlock the manifestation of your promises. 

This act of faith will begin to heal your soul and renew your mind. It will wash all of the mud and mire away. It is time to stand firm in His promises. It is time to make your plans based on what the Lord has spoken to you and it is time to occupy the land of desire fulfilled. Put the natural circumstances under your feet and go up in the spirit to the place of promise and live there. 

“Come up here” is the invitation extended to you. Jesus lives in that place and calls you to come. Cross over from the seen to the unseen. This is where your “seen” will become a reality.

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