Light and Power are Coming Forth!

~~Kathi Pelton

The Spirit showed me a picture of light and power coming forth from the hand of God to shine upon the darkness that has been shrouding many of God’s people. 

“His coming is as brilliant as the sunrise. Rays of light flash from his hands, where his awesome power is hidden.”

‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭3:4‬ ‭NLT‬‬

When God comes on the scene darkness is shattered, mountains are moved and power is released. 

There are many people and nations are facing mountains and dark circumstances that require the power that comes from the hand of God to overcome. 

I keep seeing many people and ministries (including The Call) talking about this time being the the “awakening of the dawn” and Habakkuk 3:4 speaks of His coming being as “brilliant as the sunrise. This is the awakening of the dawn. The sunrise or dawn announces a new day and ushers in light as well as clarity of sight (vision). 

I was drawn to the numbers in this verse in Habakkuk 3:4 because I have been seeing March and April, which are the third and fourth months of the year, as a bridge or crossover time into the light of May. I continue to see May as a month where the fruit, flowers and light suddenly breakthrough across the land and over lives. 

March and April reveal the flowering of fruit trees but May will reveal the sweetness of the fruit. It will be a time to partake of the fruits of your labors and of the long winters months. 

May is the 5th month and five is the number of grace. I hear the sound of many prayers going forth saying, 
“May You come and deliver me by the power of Your hand God.” 

I see that many “May You…” prayers will be answered in the month of May. 

The name, May, is not only the meaning of the 5th month but also means “daughter” or in Persian “child of light” and in Hebrew, “Wished For”. I have had the story of our oldest daughter’s adoption on my mind for months now and her name means “Longed For” (Desiree). I believe that May will bring in desires and longings fulfilled. Like a Father coming to fulfill the requests of His daughter or the King answering the request of Esther, so your Heavenly Father and Righteousness King will come to fulfill your requests and longings. Deliverance, freedom and joy will accompany His response to you.

His light will also expose things that need to be exposed in nations so that what the enemy has planned in darkness and how he is operating in the dark (hidden) places is exposed by the light of God’s hand. 

Do not be dismayed or alarmed by these things because it is for the sake of deliverance and for light coming to break the power of darkness. Light makes a way and the power of God will be with this light to scatter the enemy.

It will be like Gideon’s army and the breaking of the jars that exposed light and terrified the enemy’s camp. His camp will turn on one another in great fear as light and power is revealed unexpectedly. Then the plunder will be taken and the recovery of what has been stolen will be restored. 

Light does not only expose sin and demonic activity but light exposes wealth and treasures in hidden places. Expect to see this begin in May as well.

Don’t let April showers get you down for the water is preparing the land. The time of Passover and Easter will be a time of birthing and a passageway to light and power, fulfillment and recovery. 

As it is said in the famous Star Wars movies, “May the force be with you”. May will bring a force (surge) of God’s power that will be with you to break through for you.

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