A Personal Prayer Request

Dear Friends~

Our family and ministry has suddenly been  caught up in a time of unexpected change and transition. It appears that we will not only be moving but may even be moving to another city at the Lord’s request. God is doing this with many in His family but we truly did not expect us to be one of them.  

With these sudden changes we need favor, open doors, wisdom, strength and provision for the transition.

Would you join us by praying for us between now and June? Due to the ongoing injuries from our car accident a year ago it is difficult to do the work needed for a large move. We are also under a tight time restraint therefore will need to remain in peace. The enemy came with strong warfare as this transition came into view but through the prayers of those around us we have seen it lessen substantially. With your prayers added we know that we can be positioned in what the Lord desires for this season in peace and joy.

We have been given a number of prophetic words that God is about to give us a second wind and that we are being sent to prepare for revival that will come upon the West Coast (of the USA). We will bring the house of prayer wherever we go and we will continue to release prophetic words over the nations and regions that we are sent to. Though this translation is unexpected, it seems as though suddenlies are upon many at this time. It truly is a whirlwind time that is positioning many for what God is about to do.

Last, will you partner with us?

It is our foremost desire to encourage the body of Christ, to sow blessings and to be generous givers. At this time we are in need of financial help to make the move (moving expenses, housing deposit, etc). We will also be doing an two week ministry trip to Quebec and New York that we need to finish funding. Our flights have been funded but we still need some of the lodging and car rental expenses covered. 

If you would like to partner with us in both prayer and by sowing a financial gift then please go to our ministry website and press the DONATE button on the homepage:


Thank you for standing with us so that we can continue to write, speak, travel and be where the Lord’s assignment for us is at this time. It truly takes God’s family linking arms for the ministry of the Kingdom to go forth.  

May He have dominion from sea to sea! 

2 thoughts on “A Personal Prayer Request

  1. As God called you in the new level of serving Him , He will never never leave you nor forsake you. He will provide you all you will needs in the ministry that He entrusted to you. For as you seek His Kingdom and live in righteousnes.


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