God is Longing for More…Intimacy Will Change Everything!

~~Kathi Pelton

As I awoke this morning I began to experiencing an overwhelming longing. It wasn’t “my” longing but rather God’s longing for us. It was tangible intimacy crying out to the ones His heart loves. I could feel an ache in His heart to have His beloved know the depth, height and length of His passionate love. It took my breathe away! 

I became aware of how the battles that many have been facing and the transitions they are encountering have moved them from the place of intimacy to a place of merely functioning. Yet it is in the place of intimacy that we are able to function in life the best. 

His longing that I am experiencing is deep calling out to deep. It is the depths of His love calling out to the deep places in you. I saw His cry of love breaking down walls of self-protection that many were not even aware of. These walls were causing many to function out of obedience more than move out of an overflow of intimacy. 

It is as if God is crying out, “Remember our first love” 

When I first fell in love with my husband I would wake up longing to see him and go through my day counting the moments until we could be together. Even as I would go to work I moved through the day from the place of feeling my heart beating the song of love. When I would finally see him it would never cease to take my breath away. Some days he would surprise me and show up where I worked and the moment our eyes met joy erupted in our hearts. His longing for me and my longing for him would meet and everything else in the world disappeared in the midst of our love.

This is how God feels! He longs for a face to face encounter with you. It is a tangible longing. When His beloved begins to function rather than move from first love it leaves His longing unfulfilled. It is like when a married couple forgets the love that brought them together and they begin to function merely to “get the job done”. They get very good at being responsible and forget intimacy. 

I keep hearing the Spirit cry out the word, “Remember!” Remember His love, His longing, the reason He died for you…it was love and love only! Love is what took His breath away. You are so beautiful to Him. I cannot even begin to write what I am experiencing because it is beyond what words can express. 

Stop and let His love wash over you. As His love washes over you it will move you from the place of being a “responsible child” to a “responsive lover”. There is no shame in where you’ve been but there is an invitation into so much more. Your Bridegroom longs to surprise you with His presence and shock your heart back to life with the power of His love.

The experience of intimacy changes everything. It makes life beautiful. Let His love overtake you. You are so beautiful to Him.

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2 responses to “God is Longing for More…Intimacy Will Change Everything!”

  1. This is why, Dennis and I , have allowed ourselves to come apart from “ministry” to truly give God our time, 24/7 entering into HIS REST, where we do not run when men call, we are moved like Jesus, by His spirit. For a season to truly learn God is God, and to empty ourselves of all flesh works, etc, we have responded to HIS INVITATION, to enjoy our biological children, be grandpa and grandma, and even though we are so very FULL of the kingdom, let that manifest to our children, and to the Father himself. This has not been easy . lol


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