It’s Time for Joy! Put Your Arms Up and Enjoy the Ride

 ~~Kathi Pelton

This world that we live in is always changing. It unexpectedly can bring twists, turns, uphill climbs followed by sudden drops. This rollercoaster that we call life can either be terrifying or a thrilling ride that causes us to put our arms up with a surrender to enjoy the movements. 

Perspective Changes the Experience 

The first time I got in line to ride a large rollercoaster I was terrified. I was probably ten years old and my best friend wanted to ride it; I was too proud to tell her how terrified I was. 

While we were in line together her excitement was uncontainable. She was so excited for the thrill that awaited us while I was looking at the drops, the loops and hearing the screams with utter fear and dread

Why was our perspectives so vastly different as we waited for this ride? She wasn’t worried about any dangers that could possibly be ahead, she just knew that she and her best friend were about to embark on a thrilling experience together. On the contrary, I was imagining every possible way that we could die. Her expectation of joy caused her to fully be aware of my presence with her but my fear was causing me to feel completely alone and alienated from the her. She was experiencing joy while I was experiencing terror, yet we were on the same journey. 

I obviously survived that initial experience on the rollercoaster and learned to love them (I still do today). Now, I can put my arms up and enjoy the thrill. As I remembered this today it reminded me of the first time that my husband and I stepped out in faith and went on one our first wild ride with God. The first time that my we moved out in faith I was terrified. The fear caused me to feel very alone and cut off from the reality of His promises and presence. It even caused me to feel alienated from my husband; fear created a prison cell of solidarity confinement. If only I had put up my arms and just enjoyed the ride it would have been so joyful! 

After many years of “riding” this rollercoaster of faith, that we keep getting in line for, I still get knots in my stomach but I have learned that my Best Friend is with me and I can put my arms up and enjoy the thrill. Sometimes I still get scared but I know that it will be thrilling as I surrender to trust and allow joy to be the wind that blows upon me.

Faith Overcomes Fear

As believers our entire existence is based on faith, yet many live in a fear-based perspective. It is like getting in the “line of faith” but spending the time focused on all of the terrible things that can happen. This is similar to that ten year old “me” that got in line for the ride but then spent the entire time in fear and dread. 

It is time to expect good things! Our faith walk is thrilling and exhilarating, even in the midst of taking our stomach away at times. Remember, your Best Friend is with you! 

Dread will drain you, fear will leave you frantic and envisioning defeat will result in the death of God-given vision. Joy will rejuvenate you, faith will overcome fear and envisioning promises fulfilled will empower you with hope.

Changing Your Vision

I saw a vision of someone wearing a pair of dark sunglasses and everything that they saw was through dark lenses. Then an angel came and took off their dark glasses and put a pair of clear lenses upon them. My first thought was, “Those glasses aren’t going to help them.” But then this person suddenly had clarity as they looked through these clear glasses. Clarity brought them into God’s perspective. Immediately they began to laugh with such joy. They saw beyond the darkness that had shadowed and colored their journey. They saw beyond the natural realm, into the Heavenly realm and both thrill and joy filled them.

Your Coat of Many Colors Is Being Restored to You

I have been seeing a coat of many colors coming down upon God’s people after a long season of faithfulness in a place of captivity, and even for some, betrayal. Joseph is being set free and the coat of promise is coming down upon him. Even his brothers and father will be restored to him. This is a time of the Joseph and he is being set free to wear his coat of promise once again.

This is a time of moving into promises given long ago. Though there have been great battles sent against promises,causing captivity, there is freedom present now to set captives free to move into their promise. The mantels, anointing, authority and promises are now coming down upon His body.

If you are in the “line of faith”, change your perspective from dread to excitement. Jesus is with you and He has ahold of your hand. Get ready to put your arms up and enjoy a thrilling ride. The delays that you have experienced will suddenly become desires fulfilled. There may be ups and downs, twists and turns but let joy be the wind upon your face. 

It’s time for joy! Enjoy the ride

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