It is Time to Speak Your Victory

~~Kathi Pelton

Last week as I was praying for the sale of one of our kids vehicles when the Spirit of the Lord said to me,

“Stop asking for it to be sold and declare with the authority that I have given you that it is sold.”

Immediately I saw beyond the “seen” into the “yet to come” and it was sold. I changed my prayer from asking Him to bring a buyer to thanking Him for the sale of this vehicle. 

I then began to see the things that He has spoken to me and my family beyond the place of “hopes and dream” to the place of victories. 

When His voice speaks it does not dangle a carrot before us but it places the assurance of victory upon us. When Joseph received his coat of many colors, it was a sure thing, a sure declaration of victory. There was a process to walk through to obtain it that looked like all was lost but victory could not be stolen because the Lord had already established it in the unseen. 

Though the selling of a vehicle is a small thing in comparison to a life’s destiny, nevertheless if the Lord has spoken and declared that it is sold then my voice can speak in alignment with His voice. And it should! If our lives are committed to being led by the Spirit of the Lord then when we hear His voice speak then we must adjust our words to align with His. Therefore, I can say with confidence that our son’s car is sold and thank God for it.

I had a vision of promises floating in the air above believer’s heads but they were bowed down pleading for the fulfillment of these very promises. Then the Spirit lifted their heads upward and they saw the promises and they stood and began to catch them and eat them. They were like flying scrolls that took on the appearance of butterflies. These believers became like children with butterfly nets and they ran to catch them with great joy. When they were caught they became a delicate wafer to be eaten. As they ate these wafers their mouths began to declare these promises as victories. The words of their mouths carried authority to cause the Earthly things to align with the Heavenly things. Changes occurred and promises were fulfilled and manifested in the “seen”. 

God brings the dead to life and the things that are not yet seen into existence.

That is what the Scriptures mean when God told him, “I have made you the father of many nations.” This happened because Abraham believed in the God who brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing.

Romans 4:17

We too are like Abraham and believe that our Creator is still creating something out of nothing in our lives and before our eyes. He is still creating!  

It is time to look up and see the promises over your life. Catch them, eat them and let them fill your mouth with victory. There are creative miracles coming as you speak in alignment with His words and promises over your life. 


A Personal Note:

God has given us a new assignment in ministry and life in the Portland, Oregon area. We are in the process of making this big move even now. We are moving two families and our ministry during the month of May. Please pray for us and if you desire to help us during this huge and costly move we would be so grateful. Thank you and we decree victories and multiplied blessings upon you as you stand with us and support His new assignment upon our lives.

To send a financial gift during this time of transition in our ministry and family please go to:

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