Watch for Summer Showers! A Downpour of Blessings Will Fall Upon You

~~Kathi Pelton

As I waited on the Spirit to speak today I saw a short vision of a downpour of rain in the midst of a sunny sky. A vibrant rainbow appeared in the midst of this summer downpour. As I saw this I heard the words,

“The forecast is for summer showers! Watch for a downpour of blessings to fall upon My people.” 

We may be weary of the natural rain that has been falling but we have been longing and praying for the downpour of blessings from Heaven to fall upon us. So we say, “Let it rain!” 

I have been seeing a coat of many colors coming down upon God’s people for the past month and as I saw this vision the vibrancy of this rainbow was showing through the raindrops as they came down creating an appearance of fabric made of many colors coming from Heaven to Earth.

Once again the Lord is confirming His promises of His original intent for our lives. He is restoring honor, family and the favor that He created us for. Like Joseph, He is releasing His people from captivity and setting them in positions of authority and influence. The promises that appeared to be ripped away from you (like when Joseph’s coat was torn away from him by his own brothers) will now be restored with greater honor as authority. 

This vision goes along with the word that I released earlier this week about this being a “summer of miracles” for many. How does rain fall in a clear blue and sunny sky? There was not a cloud in sight and yet Heaven was pouring down a torrential rain of blessings. It’s a sign of the miraculous and supernatural invading the natural things. It is the sovereignty of God rather than the strength of men or any human factor. 

Many in the body of Christ are even now in the midst of the “winds of change”. As they settle into these new assignments, changes of locations and new positions they will experience this downpour of blessings. They will be refreshed and renewed after a long season of stretching and strong winds. These winds not only brought change but also they blew out all the old and unneeded things for the new assignments. These winds blew out the dust of the time in the wilderness as many pioneered their way through uncharted lands. These winds also blew away the ashes of all that was refined by fire in the past season.

Now the rains of blessings come and the sun that warms and nourishes shines forth. This is the long awaited time that positions many to be secured in God’s promises. It is time to put up your arms in worship and as you do this summer rain will fall upon you and this coat of many colors will come upon you.

Let it rain! 

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