I Saw Angels That Keep the Accounts of Your Faithful Acts. Nothing Has Been Wasted!

~~Kathi Pelton

As many of you know, our family is in the midst of a move. This is not only a move but it is our 22nd move since we married 34 years ago. A few of those moves have been due to a growing family but most have been moves that happened because we were following God’s leading or were pioneering something new. For me, moving is one of the greatest sacrifices. I am a “nester” and my dream as a child was to raise my family in one home that they’d grow up in and bring their children to when they were grown. I love home and being home; yet God called us to travel, pioneer and “go”. 

While I was packing today for another move to another city I looked at the sea of boxes and had a vision of angels that were sitting on them with a clipboard in hand. They were keeping account of every act (even the natural acts like packing a box) that is done in obedience to following the Lord. 

I then began to see angels assigned to believers all over the world. They were following the Lord to make disciples of men and to encourage the body of Christ in many different ways.

I saw those called to go out sitting in airports and sleeping in hotels; the angels were keeping an account of every hour given, not just the hours ministering but the hours of travel and being away from home. I saw moms (or dads) who are called to stay home and raise their children; these angels were keeping account of every prayer prayed, every meal cooked and every hug given as they trained up their children in the ways of the Lord. I saw those called to work in the marketplace; the angels were taking account of every faithful act of service and every hour of time served. There are so many more scenarios that I could mention but I will keep this short.

Then I heard the words, 

“Nothing is wasted! Nothing!”

You may feel as if you life is a series of events that are insignificant but God sees your life in a different way. He doesn’t only notice when you share the good news of His love with someone or pray for the sick, He sees it all, the times you minister and every moment in between. He keeps account of it all. 

The next time one of you “stay at home” moms matches another sock or washes another dish because that is what God has assigned for you to do, then know it is being counted to you as an act of faithfulness. Or, the next time one of you gets ready for another day at work know that He sees it and counts it as faithfulness. Or, if you are a sent one who is sitting in another airport or sleeping in a bed that is not your own, He counts it unto you as faithfulness. Or if you are like me and have been called to pioneer faithfulness and encourage the body and you are moving yet again…He counts every moment as faithfulness!

Nothing is wasted…nothing! Heaven is watching, angels are keeping accounts and your Heavenly Father takes great joy in rewarding you. 

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