Desires Fulfilled Are Coming Forth

~~Kathi Pelton

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”

Proverbs 13:12

As a public writer I receive many letters from people who have been experiencing a long period of hope deferred. Today as I waited upon the Lord I saw in my spirit a tree in full bloom. The blossoms where like the blossoms of a cherry tree and the promise of fruitfulness were within every blossom. 

As I looked upon this tree the verse from Proverbs 13:12 rushed through my spirit. 

As May comes to an end and June makes an entrance I hear the Spirit saying this,

“May’s blossoms (promises), that have announced a fruitful harvest, have now fallen to the ground to carpet the entrance into your season of desires fulfilled. Cross into June with joyful expectation that you will enjoy the fruit from your long awaited longings.

Many of God’s people are even now finishing a course of time in which they have gone through a preparation, refinement, perseverance and alignments in order to enter into their manifestation of desires fulfilled. 

You have battled through feeling heart sick and have overcome the pull of despair that accompanies hope deferred. You have put your hope in the One that anchors your soul and this has kept you from great harm. You may feel battered by the waves and winds that have beat against you but you have found His strength in the midst of your weakness during this time. He alone has become your strength; more than gifting, more than wisdom, more than anything you have held onto for security in your past seasons. He ALONE has become your strength and hope. 

This process will manifest a greater anointing and favor upon all of the areas of your life. Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; you too will come forth without the smell of smoke and yet having experienced God with you in this “furnace time”. Jesus will receive great glory because you did not bow your knee to another during this time of great trials and testings.

Like a carpet that is rolled out before a royal entrance of a king or queen, so have these May blossoms fallen and created a “rolling out of the carpet” for your royal entrance. Honor is being given to you, favor is being shown to you and a great celebration in Heaven is happening because of you. Like Esther before the King and Joseph before his brothers, authority is being granted to you. Promises of old are now being fulfilled which restore lost things. New vision and strength is coming upon you to fulfill the desires of His heart. This will be the greatest time of your life.

April showers brought forth May flowers and now May flowers are bringing forth desires fulfilled in June. June is a time of new beginnings in which many will experience upgrades, promotions and advancements from God. 

Though you have felt imprisoned, the doorway of June is open to set you free from captivity. I find it interesting that the female apostle mentioned in the New Testament has a name that is connected with the month of June; Julia. Junia was a Christian woman at Rome who was imprisoned along with Paul and Andronicus. 

Many women will come forth and be recognized in this new season. They have gone through captivity with their brothers in Christ and now will receive. “royal recognition“. I also see ministry couples coming into a season of new authority and recognition. This is be a double portion time for them. 

Your tree of life is manifesting! Enter into June with joyful expectation.

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