God is Giving You a “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”…It’s Time to Crossover

 ~~Kathi Pelton

Whenever I wake up with a song in my head I pay attention because often the Lord is speaking to me through it. This morning I woke up hearing the old Simon and Garfunkel song, “Bridge Over Trouble Waters”. 

I asked the Lord what He was wanting to say to His people and immediately saw a vision of Jesus standing at the shore of very turbulent waters. Many people were there with Him. He had what looked like a rolled up carpet runner in His hands. He then took this carpet and rolled it out over these turbulent waters. When He did this it became a bridge with a red carpet upon it. 

I then saw Him begin to walk across this bridge. All of those with Him crossed over as well. When they arrived on the other side it was as if they went from a long, dark winter scene to a bright summers day. 

If you have felt stuck in the wilderness and blocked by “troubled waters” while it seemed as though everyone else was moving into the time of promise; do not despair! Jesus is with you and is about to roll out the red carpet for you to cross over upon. 

You have not been forgotten or left behind. This is your kairos moment to cross over. You are not late or delayed but His timing is perfect. Summer begins on June 20th, between today, June 2nd and June 20th many will find themselves crossing over. 

One of the lines from this old Simon and Garfunkel song says,

“…Your time has come to shine

All your dreams are on their way

See how they shine…”

Dreams are about to come true! 

Sow Your Summer Seed of Breakthrough! 

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