You Can’t Miss the Mark! 

~~Kathi Pelton

I believe that I have shared this before but the Spirit of the Lord keeps bringing it back to my remembrance. A bit over a year ago my daughter and her husband were going through a trying time where they needed to make some big life decisions. Honestly, in the natural every direction appeared to be a dead-end and wrong decision. I began to fervently pray for them and one night while praying I heard the Lord clearly speak to me saying,

“Tell them that they can’t miss the mark.” 

Thinking that I heard wrong, I asked Him how this could be. This was His answer,

“Those who have committed their steps to Me can make their plans but I will order and establish their steps according to My will. I am a good Father and will not allow them to miss the mark.” 

Wow, what an amazing revelation of a scripture that I carry with me so often. 

A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life], But the Lord directs his steps and establishes them.

Proverbs 16:9 AMP

After I shared this with our kids they felt the relief of the pressure that they were putting upon themselves. Fear of making the wrong decision had been weighing heavy upon them. The walk that they have taken over the past year has been proof of how God orders and establishes their steps.

I felt the Spirit prompting me to share this during this time of so much transition in the body of Christ. 

As you commit your steps to the Lord He WILL both order and establish them!

Our ministry and family just walked out a huge transition that was quite sudden and unexpected. It was like being caught up in a whirlwind of change and repositioning that left us a bit dizzy and perplexed when it first came upon us. During that time I was reminded of this revelation I had been given for our kids and it brought such peace.

We began to step forward into the unknown, knowing only that our good Father would order our steps. As we put our trust in Him we had such favor upon the steps that He was ordering. Every plan that was “off the mark” became a quickly closed door that led us to the right path. Amazing!!

Fear will keep you from stepping forth but the faith that knows that God will order your steps will give you the courage that you need to “walk on water”.

Your Daddy God has your hand and as you walk together He will be faithful to pick you up if you begin to go a wrong way. He will redirect you and then provide for all that you need for every step of the way. 

Step out! You cannot miss the mark! 

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  1. A word in due season! Thank you for sharing, mom xo


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