Run Into the Arms of Jesus~ His Fragrance will Heal and Protect You

 ~~Kathi Pelton

The Spirit ushered me into a vision of Jesus with arms wide open. He was inviting His children to run into His arms. Then, as His sons and daughters ran into His embrace I saw pain, burdens, trauma and fears fall away. I also saw intimacy imparted, peace placed upon their shoulders and dreams restored. 

I then saw the fragrance of Christ come upon them as they lingered in His embrace. After the embrace was finished this fragrance attracted the angelic to assist them and it retracted the enemy from resisting them. Amazing!

As the fragrance of intimacy lingering upon the body of Christ it became a weapon against the enemy. It provided protection and a shield against the assignments of the enemy. I have known the importance of intimacy for staying deeply connected but this vision revealed another side of the effects of continued intimacy. 

His arms are open to receive you into a long and fragrant embrace. He is longing to hold you. One of my favorite things is to embrace my husband or children. I love those moments when one of my young adult children and I enjoy a true embrace. They are moments of deep connection that carries gives us strength and comfort. The times that my husband and I stop in the busyness of life and just hold each other creates a pause that deeply reconnects us. Im not referring to a hug while passing by but a long embrace that leaves the fragrance of intimacy upon our lives.

Connecting and connection is so important. We were created for intimacy. Intimacy with Jesus will produce sweet fruit in your life but it is also the pesticide that keeps that “pesty” devil and his cohorts away from you.

Whenever I hear the word fragrance from the Lord, I immediately think of the verse from Song of Songs 4:11 that says,

“Your lips, my bride, drip honey; Honey and milk are under your tongue, And the fragrance of your garments is like the fragrance of Lebanon.” 

Song of Songs 4:11

 Lebanon is known for its blossoms (Nahum 1:4) and wine (Hosea 14:7). As you come into this bridal embrace you will go out with His fragrance and taste of His love. Once again this will draw beauty to you and guard you from the enemy.  

The enemy loves to keep the Church bound in legalism, religion and performance but he is repelled by true intimacy and deep relationship. It is why he works so hard to divide the body from one another and from intimacy with God. An atmosphere of rules and works is easy for him to work within but the atmosphere that is filled with the fragrance of love causes confusion and fear for the enemy. It truly repels him.

Come into the invitation of His embrace. Let His fragrance permeate your life and drink deep of the wine of His love. 

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