God is Calling You from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary! 

~~Kathi Pelton

The ordinary is rarely extraordinary! I hear the Lord inviting His people to live in the extraordinary. The Holy Spirit has been speaking through His prophets words like “transitions” and “upgrades”; these are true words but they are often obtained outside of the perimeters of the ordinary. 

In a world of chaos and ever-changing events it can seem wise to play it safe and not take what the world would call unnecessary risks. One of the enemy’s greatest strategies is to whisper worldly wisdom in the ears of people who were called to live in God’s extraordinary plans for their lives. He knows that if he can convince them to live within the realm of the ordinary that he can reduce their influence. The enemy always seeks to “downgrade” God’s people because he is terrified by them moving into their upgrade where greater influence and authority exists.

I saw a vision of many people coming upon a fork in the road of their lives. One was marked “ordinary” and one was marked “extraordinary”. The difference was that the ordinary one looked well travelled and appeared the safer route. The one marked extraordinary was definitely the “road less traveled” and to the natural eye it appeared to hold greater risk. 

By nature I am a play it safe sort of person. I would normally choose safe comfort over risky adventure. When I asked Jesus into my life at age 18 I quickly realized that my desire for comfort and the familiar was going to be challenged. By the time I was 20 I was walking down that road less traveled to follow Jesus into the extraordinary. This road has stretched me beyond my natural tendencies into His supernatural plans. 

One day, while I was traveling alone to Okinawa, Japan it dawned on me that if someone had told me when I was young that I’d become more familiar with the unfamiliar than the ordinary that I would have laughed at them. Of a matter of fact, many years ago the late Jill Austin prophesied over me that God was calling me to the nations of the world. I remember thinking, “No way! I am barely brave enough to go beyond my home or local church.” I truly thought that she had missed God when she prophesied this. Yet God kept taking me and our family to those forks in the road that separated the ordinary from the extraordinary. My flesh wanted the ordinary but my spirit would always give me courage to take the road marked extraordinary.

Taking the road less traveled has always resulted in upgrades and stepping up into greater realms with God. I have gone from being a child with paralyzingly stage fright to prophesying before crowds of people. I have been taken beyond the white picket fence that I longed to stay behind to crossing the borders of nations. 

Most of these upgrades and extraordinary opportunities came through merely choosing the path that the Spirit of the Lord was inviting me to walk upon with Him. We were not created for the natural but rather the supernatural. We were not created for the ordinary but rather the extraordinary. 

No matter who you are or what the call upon your life is, it should be extraordinary! There should not be any believer who lives outside of the supernatural experience of Kingdom living. It’s time to jump over the boundary lines of ordinary living. He is calling you into extraordinary life which will draw out of you the gifts that you don’t even know exist within you. Hidden treasures will be revealed as you choose this path. 

Get ready for the greatest adventure of your life!

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