Your 360 Degree Turnaround Will Be Completed!

Kathi Pelton

Yesterday the Holy Spirit put before my eyes the number 360 three times. He is confirming that the completion of your 360 degree turnaround is about to be completed over the next three months.

This divine turn around began in September 2015 at the beginning of the Hebrew year 5776. June 2017 has been a “threshold to completion”. July through September will be three months of completion for this divine turn around. 

This completion will accomplish a number of things:

• Divine reversals for demonic assignments sent against you, your family, your ministry and your businesses.

• The turning from wrong beliefs (lies) to the truth of Christ that sets you free.

• The restoration of lost and stolen things. 

• A complete turning from the strength of man to full dependency of the strength of the Lord. The mighty power of the Advocate will come forth.

• A completion of moving from works to grace that will remove heavy burdens and allow you to walk in with the light yoke that the Lord intends for His children to walk in.

• The Church will walk in the authority of Esther and Mordecai that brings governmental change in nations and to people groups.

• Hidden things will be revealed. This will expose hidden agendas that have caused destruction and it will also expose hidden treasures to be released for Kingdom expansion.

• Lives and families will turn from broken to breakthrough! 

As we finish the month of June (the threshold of completion) and enter the three months of the manifestation of this full completion begin to agree and decree your personal 360 degree turnaround. 

Decree that you are moving into the grace of July, the grace of August and the grace of September. This is your shout of “Grace, grace, grace!” At the same time that I was hearing the shouts of triple grace, Chuck Pierce released a 21-day focus called “Mega Grace”. It is not too late to join in this prayer focus. Grace will allow this completion to be secured.

The one thing that I felt as an exhortation is that if you are hesitating to go through a door that the Lord has opened or to step out in faith in a direction that He has asked of you; now is the time to move and obey. Hesitating will bring a warfare that the is Lord wanting to protect you from. There is a great grace to step out in faith in obedience to His leading. This will align you with your time of completion in this 360 degree turnaround.

Pray in agreement with the points of breakthrough and turnaround that I have listed above. Decree them over your life, over your nation and over the Church. 

Finish June in truth and joy as you cross into the months of completion. This is the time of your 360 degree turnaround!

To sow a gift of completion into our ministry go to:

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