Flash Floods of Breakthrough

 Kathi Pelton

As we see the devastation of flash floods destroying neighborhoods and cities in the mid-west parts of the United States, I am reminded of how often the enemy brings a counterfeit in the natural of what God is bringing in the spirit. 

My husband and I have had the Spirit of Lord showing us visions and scriptures of rushing water for a number of days now. I have been seeing in the spirit floodgates opening, dams breaking open and spiritual “flash floods” that bring forth life, provisions, connections and promotions. 

Where the enemy comes to flood with death, destruction and debris God comes with a flood of life, love and liberty. 

Can you hear the sound of the rushing water coming? Like a mighty rushing wind or an approaching train blowing it’s whistle to announce it’s approach; God is blowing a whistle through the prophetic voices that a flash flood of love is coming. 

He is coming with a move of His Spirit that will overflow the banks of church buildings and saturate neighborhoods and cities with a revelation and revival of love that will wash away the destruction and debris that the enemy has sent against families, homes, businesses and lives. This move will wash, cleanse, restore and bring much needed breakthrough for many. 

Even better than the natural breakthroughs that will come, there will be spiritual breakthroughs that transform lives into who they were created to be and usher them into the realms of love that transform lives, families and marriages. As families are transformed and restored it will usher a greater unity in the body of Christ that transforms cities and nations as they stand in the authority of one unified bride. 

Call for the floods of God to come upon your life and family. Whistle and decree that the flash flood of this move of God will come upon your life and city. Agree with His desire and position yourself to receive this flood of breakthrough upon your life as you stand in faith. 

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.”

Psalm 42:7

Wash over us Lord!

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