What a Beautiful Name

This is a beautiful piece of writing by our daughter-in law, Brittany Pelton.  Enjoy…


What a Beautiful Name

by Brittany Pelton 

Let’s talk about Jesus, more specifically the name of Jesus. One of Hillsong’s song What a Beautiful Name (check out the song here) recently captured this wonderfully. The name of Jesus, so simple yet so powerful and wonderful. Jesus not only died on the cross for all of us but his name is unlike any other. In the name of Jesus demons must flee, in the name of Jesus healing and miracles occur. In the name of Jesus we can come before the Father and have a relationship that Jesus restored for us. One name, five letters, yet through this seemingly simple word, we not only have a restored relationship with God, power against Satan and demons, authority to perform miracles and signs but we have his peace. Peace that surpasses all understanding. In the midst of any circumstance, when you don’t know what to say, just simply say the name of Jesus.

Life happens, accidents happen, and there are many things out of our control. Sometimes in those situations, we do not have the answer, reason or logic to make sense of what occurs in our world. It is in these moments of uncertainty and speechlessness that we do not have to know the “right words” to say, but to call on Jesus. Simply saying his name in these moments brings unspeakable peace and grace. I know this because I have experienced many speechless moments in my life. From my father committing suicide, to my own depression, even to the point where I did not think that things would get any better and there was no point in going on. It is in these moments that Jesus showed up in my life and brought his peace, mercy, grace and unwavering love. I did not have the words to say in these lowest points in my life. Yet I found myself comforted by his name, I felt God’s presence in my life for the first time. I found my will to not only survive my dysfunctional life but to thrive in the midst of it.

I may not know what you are going through in this moment, but Jesus does. Call on him and he will answer with love, grace and peace. He will never leave you nor forsake you. You are his and his alone, there is no one better to have at your side in those moments of speechlessness than Jesus.

Remember, you are worthy, you are loved and you are a child of God.

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One response to “What a Beautiful Name”

  1. Thank you, Brittany! That is beautiful and it touched me.


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