Shake off the Dust: Your Dread Champion is Here

Kathi Pelton

The Lord continues to speak to me concerning dread, depression and despair that has been oppressing many of God’s people for far too long. I never considered “dread” a spirit but it comes to rob the believer of the joy of today and the hope for tomorrow.

I heard the words, “The spirit of dread is a thief that will rob you blind.” 

This saying, “Rob you blind” means to rob someone mercilessly. I find it interesting that the Word of God says in Lamentations 3:22-23,

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

His mercies are never ending and new every morning and yet this spirit of dread comes to rob it’s victims of the mercies of the Lord. Or rather, it robs them from seeing and perceiving the mercies of the Lord. It robs them blind. 

This spirit is being revealed and the awareness and identification of it will awaken many who have been under it’s demonic influence and they will be shaken loose from it’s grip. I saw a vision of many people who suddenly became aware (came to their senses so-to-speak) that the despair and depression that they were experiencing was actually a direct result of this spiritual attack against them. It distorts everything they see, think, perceive and desire. Eventually it leaves the person longing for relief to the point of some even desiring death.

In God’s mercy He is making many aware of this assignment and warfare that has been sent against their lives. It is like spiritual terrorism that starts with fear but eventually desires death. There is VICTORY! The Spirit of the Lord is rising up to break this spirit, chase out this terror (that leads to panic, worry and deep anxiety) and to give the abundant life that He has promised. 

It is time to shake off the dust of dread! Renounce all agreement and belief with the dread about tomorrow that is robbing you blind (mercilessly) today. Renounce agreement with worries, anxiety, panic, terror and every lie that exults itself against the truth of His Word. Ask for the joy for today and an excitement about tomorrow. Ask for your eyes to receive back sight that enables you to see the mercies for today. Decree restoration, resurrection and regeneration of all things stolen or lost to this spirit of dread. This is cause you to once again welcome tomorrow with desire, courage and wonder. 

As we have now entered the eighth month of the year, it is a signpost of new beginnings, resurrection and awakening. The dread that you or a loved one has carried will be sent back upon the enemy’s camp. I keep hearing the words, 

“The Dread Champion is coming to save!” 

Then I remembered the verse from Jeremiah 20:11 (NAS) that say,

“But the LORD is with me like a dread champion; Therefore my persecutors will stumble and not prevail. They will be utterly ashamed, because they have failed, with an everlasting disgrace that will not be forgotten.”

Invite your “Dread Champion” to come and deal with the dread demons that have attacked you or your loved ones. It is time to see the tide turn and joy return to the house of God. This is the day that He has made and tomorrow is another day that He has made…filled with joy, wonder and courageous expectation of mercy and goodness.

“Come Dread Champion and put to shame the enemy that has terrorized Your people for far too long!”


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