Awakening the Sleeping Giant

Kathi Pelton

Yesterday I was doing a prayer call with a friend and as I was following a prophetic path that the Spirit was leading me down I came upon a revelation that is for NOW! 

I kept seeing in my mind Daniel and the 21 days of prayer and fasting that we read of in Daniel 10. I began to wonder if God was calling my friend to a 21-day Daniel fast. As I pressed in further I saw in the spirit a table and it turned 360 degrees around. Then I heard the words, “21 Days of Declarations” 

I felt that the Spirit was saying that rather than a fast for the next three weeks, He is inviting His sons and daughters into a time of divine turnaround through 21-days of declaration. The Spirit show me that He will give people personal declarations that will breakthrough and overcome strongholds and lies that have held them down in a spiritual slumber. These declarations are to be made out loud as often as the Spirit directs throughout the 21 days (at least once a day but preferably more). This will turn the table on what has held you back. I felt it would be a handful of precise declarations that are like a sword piercing the very things that have held you back.

I also felt this the Spirit say that for those of us who live in the United States, He will give declarations regarding our nation to see it turn from the chaos that has been happening to clarity. The government of God will breakthrough upon our nation. The sleeping giant will arise. 

As I shared with my friend on the call about the personal declarations she suddenly said, “21 days from now is Rosh Hashanah!”

I was amazed as I hadn’t been thinking about the fact that we were already in September. As I write this we are exactly 21 days from the finish of Rosh Hashanah which is the “head of the Jewish New Year”. We will end the 21-days of declarations as we enter the beginning of the new year.

5777 is the year we are completing and it has been called the “year of the clashing of swords“. This truly has been a year of being aware of the swords clashing between the powers and principalities that have held nations and the sword of the Lord that opens the way for His plans and purposes to be established. The sword of the Lord has been clashing against all that has held nations, regions, people groups, families and individuals in bondage. 

Rosh Hashanah will be the tip of that sword and I am prophesying that it will be the tip that pierces the slumber that has held back the church from being fully awakened into her position of authority. I saw a vision of “Sleeping Beauty” when she touched the tip of the needle causing her to go into a long, deep sleep. The tables are turning and the tip of the sword held in the hand of our Bridegroom will “Kiss His Bride” and awaken her. She too, will be like a sleeping giant that is awakened! 

She will awaken fully aware of His love and of the authority she has as His bride. The sleep will come off of her eyes, the darkness and slumber will fall away and she will be alert; walking in confidence, wisdom and understanding of the One she is betrothed to. 

He is inviting you into 21 days of declarations. The Spirit will reveal to you your personal declarations as well as declarations over our nation (or your nation if you live elsewhere).

We are coming to the tip of the sword and the head of the year (5778) that will turn the tables and awaken the bride. Pray, declare and watch what God will do! 

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