Pour Out Your Praise

Kathi Pelton

I awoke this morning with a line from the song “Great Are You Lord” rushing through my mind, 

“It’s Your breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise, we pour out our praise to You only….”

As the words filled my spirit it became like breath filling in my lungs that had to be released back to Him in praise. As this happened over and over I began to think of those who need hope and restoration right now. As I prayed for all of His sons and daughters who are hurting at this time, I saw the Spirit fill their lungs with His breath and praise filled them and began to pour out the words, 

“Great are you Lord!” 

As praise comes forth out of natural disasters and painful circumstances it becomes the “highest praise”. This type of praise is the most powerful weapon of warfare against those powers and principalities that desire to wound the heart of God and rob those who belong to Him. Out of the fires and floods, praise will be poured out that will cause the fire of God to flood the earth and trigger a move of God that cannot be stopped. 

Two of our dearest friends have watched three out of their four children die at young ages. When their third child suddenly died my husband and I were with them in the room. It was devastating beyond comprehension. But in the tender and heart wrenching moment of watching our precious friend kiss the head of her son who had just gone into eternity, she began to say (through her pain and tears),

“You are worthy, God. You are still worthy.” 

It was the highest praise that I’d ever heard and I was completely undone. To this day it was the most life changing moment I have ever experienced. The reality of eternity was more real to this mom, who had faced the unthinkable, and she understood that in the midst of her pain that praise was never to be held back. It changed everything for me.

She poured out her praise and we pour out our praise…to You only! Like the precious perfume poured out of the alabaster jar over the feet of Jesus, so we too, pour out our praise. May it saturated His feet once against may the fragrance of praise fill the room and change the atmosphere. 

Great is the Lord. 

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