Breathe Deep!

 Kathi Pelton

I remember during the birth of my first baby I was overwhelmed by the pain and pressure. I would try to tolerate the pain by holding my breath. My husband would repeat through every contraction,

“Honey, just breathe.” 

When the contraction would finally end he’d say,

“Breathe deep.” 

Life can be a bit like labor; there are times of pain and times of rest. Through it all we must remember to breathe.  

During trying times I still will find myself holding my breath and yet I know that there is life in breath. 

Today I heard the Spirit say,

“I am blowing upon the lives of my children a breath of new life.”

There is no need to hold your breath in fear or self-protection. He is asking you to breathe and “breathe deep”. You cannot receive this breath of life if you are holding your breath or guarding your heart. He will protect you, heal you, restore you and give you abundant life. 

There is breath and life in His presence. There is a wind that refreshes and blows away the darkness within the arms of His unfailing love. There is an atmosphere of joy that will cause you to arise again. 

Exhale and then breathe in deeply. Receive the breath of His love, His mercy and His goodness.

“For the Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.” Job 33:4

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